MN02 : Gerson Maintains Momentum; Howe Attacks; Are the MNGOP Throwing Kline Under the Bus ?

The 2008 election provided an interesting internal debate for Republicans … as described in the blog BOOTS ON post :

The Case for Throwing Senator Norm Coleman Under the Bus

Although this post is directed at Senator Coleman many of the arguments apply to other alleged Republicans and RINO office holders and candidates who apparently think that “moderation” (a euphemism for moving to the political left) is the key to their personal success and, secondarily, the success of the Republican party. I believe that while following this course may win a few elections in the short term it is detrimental to the long-term Conservative agenda and will eventually keep the GOP from ever attaining and retaining a political majority.

I make this post at the risk of drawing the ire of the Republican establishment, but I don’t really care. Senator Coleman and the Republican establishment obviously don’t give a damn about alienating us in the Conservative base, so why should we care what they think? From the actions of the good Senator and many in the GOP it seems pretty obvious that we are not held in very high esteem anyway.

It is common knowledge within the GOP that Senator Coleman has privately acknowledged a very cynical “where else will Conservatives go?” attitude.

The essence of the post was that if Coleman was going to support the DREAM Act, SCHIP, the Hate Crimes Act, fuel efficiency standards while opposing drilling in ANWR, would he be any different than Al Franken?
Not to say that any Republicans did vote for Senator Franken, but Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley received 437,404 votes and Constitution Party candidate James Niemackl received 8,905 votes, thus, there is no doubt some staunch Republicans who were disgusted with Coleman’s voting record/issue positions, rejected him.

Fast forward to 2010 … the July launch of the TEA Party Caucus in the House by Michele Bachmann … and the statement by then House Majority Leader Eric Cantor that the movement is fundamentally “not Washington” and “better left to the people.”
The 2010 election results produced 87 Republican victories in the House but Majority Leader Cantor and Top Republicans Throw Rep. Bachmann & The Tea Party Under The Bus denied Bachmann a leadership role in the next Congress.

In 2012, David Gerson launched a primary challenge to John Kline

We must be honest about our own party and its leaders.
I want to expose the last “elephant”-in -the-room in the Republican party. That the Republican Bush administration and the current Republican controlled U.S. House of Representatives was and is complicit in enacting reckless fiscal policies which have mortgaged our future, disintegrated the middle class, promoted unnecessary wars and increased the size and power of the federal government.
John Kline has been complicit in causing these problems with his blind devotion to voting with house Republican leadership. John Kline has had his chance to lead but has proven that he is a follower of Washington D.C. interests at the expense of the average person in his district and Minnesota. His voting record is unacceptable

Gerson lost by just over 13,000 votes.

The 2014 primary challenges took down Eric Cantor … but John Kline defeated David Gerson at the endorsing convention.

Finally to January 2015 as the new Congressional session was starting, David Gerson announced his plan to challenge John Kline again.

Now, some may have seen this as a just another meaningless challenge, yet it could be looked at as recognition that Gerson felt his message was being heard and understood that it took John Kline three elections before he was victorious.

Gerson’s chances improved dramatically when John Kline announced on September 3rd that he would not seek another term. Soon, former State Senator John Howe announced his intention to seek the MNGOP nomination (September 22) followed by Jason Lewis on October 12 and Darlene Miller on January 7th.

The first opportunity for the candidates to meet was on TPT Almanac (October 31) during which Gerson, Howe and Lewis all opposed the recent budget that John Kline had just voted for (starting the bus wheels in motion).

Yet for many, these candidates are known … Jason Lewis has been voicing his philosophy on government for over 25 years … with some Republicans being concerned about his statements over slavery, women, etc … and John Howe has a record from his tenure in the legislature.

Howe has gone on the attack mode … going after Lewis for his residency status and views

Howe has also stated his views on issues

Yep, the bus wheels are gaining traction since John Kline is the Chairman of the Education and the Workforce Committee which oversaw the reform of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act … apparently Kline’s reform legislation just did not go far enough even though only 16 Senate Republicans rejected the bill.

These candidates have meet in a few debate/forums … such as in Goodhue

And in Hastings

Those are just straw polls, but the delegates are being chosen for the May 7th endorsing convention … and Gerson was reportedly to be leading … saying that he is on track to have the needed 60% of the delegates to get the endorsement … Howe agrees that Gerson is leading in the delegate count so far.

So, Gerson maintaining momentum and Howe is attacking … what about Darlene Miller ?

Yet if endorsement matters, then John Kline should be either the “Kiss of Death” or the ticket to the November election … well, after telling reporters in early February, that the GOP field does not inspire confidence, one month later, John Kline officially endorsed Darlene Miller (after reportedly attending a DC fundraiser for her).

Hmmm … Miller’s straw poll results seems to indicate that Second District Republicans are tired of John Kline and are revving up the bus for new course … a course that will be a strong right turn even by John Kline’s conservative views.

Guess, it is no wonder that the Democrat challenger, Angie Craig for Congress campaign, has reported more than 3,000 contributions during the first quarter …
The momentum of our campaign continues to grow each and every day,” said Angie Craig, a former healthcare executive in Minnesota. “Voters in the Second Congressional District are ready for someone who will fight for opportunities for all families, including high-quality education and affordable college, help create good-paying jobs that grow economic opportunity, and protect Medicare and Social Security for our seniors. I am humbled by the outpouring of support from individuals who are ready and willing to invest in this campaign and in our future.”

Yep, Gerson is showing momentum within the TEA Party but Angie Craig is showing momentum to replace John Kline in Washington where she will be the voice of Second District working families.

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