“What do you have to lose” : Donald Trump, Jason Lewis and Abraham Lincoln

Did you hear Donald Trump proclaim : “The GOP is the Party of Lincoln, and I want our party to be the home of the African-American vote once again. I want an inclusive country, and I want an inclusive party.”

It would be easy to dismiss that as WannaBePresident Trump being “sarcastic” … as he is wont to do … but consider his speech in Michigan last week (highlights below) ;

These are hard times for many in this country. I just got back from a tour of the suffering and devastation in Louisiana. We mourn for the lives lost, and we pledge our help, comfort and support to every last person in need. To the people of Louisiana: We are with you, and we will always be with you.

“You’re living in poverty, your schools are no good, you have no jobs, 58% of your youth is unemployed — what the hell do you have to lose?” Trump asked

Trump went on to say he will use the “billions of dollars” saved via his “extreme vetting” of immigrants to create a “new jobs program for inner city youth”

This is the New-and-Improved Donald Trump … acting “Presidential” … like pledging to help the people of Louisiana … except the fact that House Republicans (lead by now-Speaker Paul Ryan who voted against SuperStormSandy funding) have opposed providing monies for Hurricane Katrina, the Joplin tornado, Virginia earthquake … ya, know the Federal Government shouldn’t wander into State’s problems.

Which makes his assertion that any monies generated from WannaBePresident Trump’s “extreme vetting” of immigrants would be used to create a “new jobs program for inner city youth” as opposed to reducing the debt or funding the military (the concerns often cited by Republicans.)

Wannabe-President Trump’s description of the state of Michigan’s economy prompted a response from its Republican governor :

“No, factually that’s not accurate,” Rick Snyder said of Trump’s claim. “Michigan’s No. 1 in the creation of manufacturing jobs over the last few years, and we’ve got a thriving manufacturing sector, and I’m proud of it.”

“Factually” ya gotta agree with Governor Snyder … let’s go back to before the banking crisis … circa May 2008 when Michigan reported 566,800 manufacturing jobs … and compare that to May 2016 when Michigan reported 596,700 manufacturing jobs … which means that all those jobs that were lost in 2008 into 2009, have rebounded.

Yet, the question of schools being no good is fair … but what can wannabe-President Trump do about that ? Education is largely a state function … but wannabe-President Trump could provide more dollars for Head Start … but that might be tough to do as House Republicans were successfully in cutting $312,550,630 in the past fiscal year. Do you think that the Republicans in Congress will embrace any proposals by wannabe-President Trump to inject the Federal Government into education ?
Yes, the schools may be underfunded in inner cities … and also in rural areas … but that is a result of the State decisions. Blame the state legislature.

It’s that question of what is the role of the Federal Government that should be a focal point in this election.

Just reading WannaBePresident Trump’s words that “The GOP is the Party of Lincoln” must cause some Republicans to just shake their heads … after all, according to Jason Lewis book, “Power Divided is Power Checked: The Argument for States’ Rights” it was President Abraham Lincoln who “exploited the issue” of slavery, adding the Civil War (or what Lewis called the “War Between the States,” ) had “more to do with secession” than slavery.

In fact, if you really want to be quite frank about it, how does somebody else owning a slave affect me? It doesn’t. If I don’t think it is right, I won’t own one

Ya, you know Jason Lewis who while substituting for Rush Limbaugh in February 2009 asserted that “Real Americans” think that Katrina victims were “a bunch of whiners down there” …
and you know that the Jason Lewis is the MNGOP primary winner seeking to replace John Kline representing Minnesota’s Second District …
which begs the question, would Congressman Lewis support President Trump’s efforts to help the people of Louisiana ?

And it seems that wannabe-Congressman Lewis views himself as “running against the Establishment” … and voicing a concern of “Big Government Presidents” who according to wannabe-Congressman Lewis, it was Abraham Lincoln who “set the mark”.

The conclusion of “Power Divided” is that he proposes an amendment to Constitution to allow States to be able to secede as they are the victims of “extreme Federalism”.

Thus the question for wannabe-Congressman Lewis, outside of national defense, is there any program that should be funded ?

Yet, that question is insufficient … since wannabe-Congressman Lewis has signed the “Reject the Debt” pledge and has advocated cuts in all programs ranging from the military to the FARM bill, while willing to raise the retirement age for Social Security and that raising taxes is not an option.

So, to answer Trump’s question “what the hell do you have to lose?” … well, WannaBePresident Trump may just be being pandering politician, wannabe-Congressman Lewis is being honest … he will vote to cut spending. And that may sound good, if you think that government shutdowns is good politics … but not if you think the American economy can take another hit … uncertainty is something American business just loves (ya, that is sarcasm.)


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