Kline Gives Paulsen a Lesson in How to Cut $70,177.26 in Washington Spending

Erik Paulsen, the #MathGuy, has used the constant refrain “Washington must do more with less” throughout his years in Congress.

It’s a message that should be true whether it was George W. Bush, Barack Obama or Donald J. Trump in the White House … yet, we know that Article One of the Constitution clearly gives Congress the power of the purse.
Simple stated … don’t complain about spending, when you are the ones responsible for determining how much is spent and what the monies are spent on.

The appeal of the “Washington must do more with less” message is appropriate when the media reports that President Donald J. Trump is spending another weekend at his Mar Largo estate. It has been reported that these trips cost the taxpayers an estimated $3.5 million per trip in security, air travel, medical and communications staff. This past weekend, the White House stated that Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly, White House chief strategist Stephen Bannon, White House counsel Don McGahn and senior adviser Stephen Miller would be traveling on the taxpayer’s dime.

Gosh … does anyone remember those old twitter days from taxpayer Trump ?

Yet, somehow it is doubtful that #MathGuy Paulsen will be calling for President Trump to reduce his controllable spending … just like #MathGuy Paulsen has not addressed his controllable spending.

Case in point … Franked Mail.
Franked Mail … a practice that pre-dates the Constitution … allows postage to be paid by the government for “official business”.
In January 1991, Congress “reformed” the “Official Mail Allowance” to require that all mail matter bearing a frank would be accessed against an account established for each Member. With the enactment of the OMA, Members were no longer restricted on the number of mass mailings sent annually. Additionally, “mass mailings’ were redefined to include all unsolicited mass mailing over 500 pieces regardless of mail type.

So, we can all understand when “our Representative” responds to a letter that you wrote –for example, about a needing assistance processing a veteran’s claim or advocating a stance on a particular issue.
But what about those mailings that seem to be nothing more than glorified “I am the greatest” … err … “I am working for you” mailings ?

Cases in point, let’s look at Erik Paulsen’s Franked Mail spending
2011 – $73,384.41
2012 – $89,982.47
2013 – $57,043.41
2014 – $40,660.25
2015 – $44,301.11
2016 – $77,177.33

That’s a lot of money … especially when compared to the other Members who represent the Twin Cities …

$ 457.95 for Keith Ellison
$7,000.07 for John Kline
$1,277.39 for Betty McCollum
$77,177.33 for Erik Paulsen

Ya gotta ask WHY does Erik Paulsen need to spend so much more money that other Members … a $70,177.26 difference from fellow Republican John Kline is significant.

Ya gotta also ask DO you get these same type of mass mailings from our Senators ? Heck, in the first six months of 2016, Erik Paulsen spent more in Franked Mail than the entire US Senate.

Taxpayers are already paying for Erik Paulsen Tele-Town Halls ( in lieu of him meeting with the taxpayers) where callers can be pre-selected and his weekly YouTube sessions, so isn’t it time that Erik Paulsen #DoTheMath and drastically reduce his own Congressional budget ?

So the next time #MathGuy questions spending, remember his Franked Mail bill that you are paying

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