When It Comes To The World – Trump Is The Drunk Uncle

Donald Trump is not a leader on the world stage. It is clear that he prefers the company of autocrats and dictators then to follow the protocols of civilized democratic societies. He has a simple plan for combating terrorism. It is called, shoot first, ask questions later. He repeatedly calls out incidents as terrorism before anyone else. And never apologizes or retracts when he gets it wrong. The terrorists have a difficult time getting into the US. Our defenses have been refined over the years. Clearly, they need to inspire American born or naturalized citizens to act on their terror methods. And on occasion, that has happened. But not as much as in Europe.

The explanation probably lies with our melting pot society. Although we clearly have discrimination ingrained into our society, we also have widely held beliefs in everyone being protected by our free society. Immigrants get to partake in our democracy immediately. They are eased into society and often they get a very real chance to thrive with their own talents. Europe strives to offer a similar integration, but the colonialism of their past has created barriers that have never really been addressed.

The US has done better, but Trump is beginning to break it all down. He has given a pathway for some of our deepest discriminatory ideas and feelings to surface openly. When he talks about getting rid of political correctness – he means open discriminatory words and actions.

We need to fight this. We need to call it out. If we don’t, the attacks will grow and affect us directly.

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