Will Profiles in Cowardness Haunt Erik Paulsen ?

By definition, “cowardice” is a trait wherein fear and excessive self-concern override doing or saying what is right, good, and of help to others.
As a label, “cowardice” indicates a failure of character in the face of a challenge … and Minnesota’s Third District Congressman has been challenged to hold open-to-the-public town halls … and he has failed.

Oh, sure he holds “employee” town halls where he meets with company representatives who have legislative proposals that he supports … but open-to-the-public events have been avoided for years (last rumored event was 2010).

Oh, sure the media will ask … as Tom Weber of MPR did “Paulsen says he will hold a public town hall event with his constituents — but he didn’t say when.
But he says he typically hasn’t held one so soon after an election.”

That was four months ago …

But yesterday, Congressman Paulsen did make an appearance … unannounced … early in the morning … in the community where he graduated high school (Class of 1983) … and most likely gone before anyone could attend.

The event was called “Congress on Your Corner.”

Sounds good doesn’t it … a welcome change, perhaps … a return to the days of engagement … like his previous ones … circa 2013 when his staff would issue press releases – SIX DAYS – in advance

Rep. Erik Paulsen is scheduled to visit the Cub Foods, 8015 Den Road in Eden Prairie, from 3-4 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 29, for “Congress on Your Corner.”

“In an effort to keep the lines of communication open with his neighbors, Rep. Erik Paulsen will be on hand at the Eden Prairie Cub Foods on Tuesday, Jan. 29, to meet one-on-one with constituents to hear their concerns and opinions. Rep. Paulsen will also have staff on hand to help with constituent issues such as VA benefits, Medicare, Social Security, and cutting government red tape.”

Hmmm … Congressman Paulsen told Tom Weber “he typically hasn’t held one so soon after an election” … let’s see election, November 2012 … Congress on Your Corner event January, 2013 … less than three months … and now it’s been ten months since the last election, so maybe there are now issues that his constituents want answers — the failure to enact a budget on time and a impending national debt ceiling with a government shutdown a possibility … a potential military engagement in North Korea or Venezuela … healthcare … infrastructure … and everything Trump-related.

But, Friday was the day !

Congressman Paulsen alerted his constituents of this opportunity via a tweet :

Whether this was tweeted during or after the event is unknown … but there was no advance notice on his FACEBOOK page, press release or tweet.
And this was something that was noticed by many of his constituents … as he has received over 70 comments … with comments that ranged from disappointment to calling it a political stunt

If Congressman Paulsen thought he was gonna pull a fast one, he did not fool these commentators … looks like #EvasiveErik is now being branded a coward.