MN03 : Paulsen Tax Cut for Yoga ????

August was the month when Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen was setting up the selling of the “framework for tax reform” with tweets like these

Hmmmm … a simple message … past Congresses have appeased special interests by giving them special treatment in the tax code.
Good thing that Congressman Paulsen would be stopping that !

That was August … in Minnesota.

Then it was September … back in Washington
… where “Representative” Paulsen accepted an award from the Beer Institute as “their” 2017 Beer Champion for being the author of H.R.747 Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act of 2017 — a bill that would add a few pages to the tax code and give a tax break to the beer industry.

… but it wasn’t just accepting awards, “Representative” Paulsen would meet other special interests such as

Funny thing is that on the day that instructions were published by an advocacy group that “Representative” Paulsen signed on as a sponsor of H.R.1267 – “Personal Health Investment Today Act” (aka PHIT Act).
The PHIT Act would allow taxpayers to place up to $1,000 for individuals (or $2,000 for a joint return or head of household) in pre-tax medical accounts (such as Health Savings Accounts [HSA].) Under the Paulsen-backed legislation, such thing as: yoga classes, studio memberships, teacher training programs, some continuing education, and certain equipment (like yoga mats, blocks, straps), pay-to-play school sports fees, martial arts fees, and gymnastics fees would qualify as tax-deductible medical expenses.

There is no doubt that Congressman Paulsen favors HSA … and that is something that has prompted many letters to the editor … such as this one after his vote for the Republican healthcare reform bill:

when pressured on health care costs, Paulsen likes to sing the praises of Health Savings Accounts. He is correct that these are a great tool for people to take advantage of. He ignores the fact that HSAs are valuable only for those who can afford them. If your household does not have additional cash to invest in HSAs, then these are just as useless as claiming that the AHCA will support those with pre-existing conditions.

Paulsen is skilled at deceiving voters and pretending he supports common-sense legislation. His voting record proves that this is not that case.

Natalie Larson, Maple Grove

Yep … just like his stance on healthcare reform, “Representative” Paulsen spent the August recess “deceiving voters and pretending he supports common-sense legislation” to reform the tax code.

Think about it … Congressman Paulsen tells us that special interests are driving our tax code … then “Representative” Paulsen promotes tax cuts favoring the beer and exercise industries.

Oh, one more thing, just days after “Representative” Paulsen signed on as a cosponsor, Minnesota’s Sixth District “Representative” Tom Emmer joined in.
Somehow, it seems more likely that “Representatives” Paulsen and Emmer would more likely be found at a beer festival than on a yoga mat … but they will take donations from anyone seeking a tax cut, because their goal is business tax cuts regardless of how tax cuts would impact the national debt.

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