Why the Hell Is CHIP Still Not Renewed?

by Dave Mindeman

Seriously, will somebody tell what the excuse is for CHIP still left hanging without authorization? The Republicans say the program is fine. Democrats, to a person, are on board. Trump is OK with it, although I still do not think he knows what it is.

What is the hold up? What is the problem? This Congress is just so dysfunctional that even the most basic core program gets caught up in the ridiculous GOP inability to govern.

Cong. Jason Lewis (2nd District) was proud to announce a brief extension of CHIP awhile ago. Yet, it is running out again with no timetable on the docket. Emmer and Paulsen are in favor of CHIP – but do not talk about championing it to the floor.

There are many, many families who depend on CHIP for their children’s health. It is a vital program. And to leave these families in limbo is unconscienable.

No more excuses. No more avoidance. Extend CHIP now. Right now. Immediately.

Got it?

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