Ostrich Oversight

by Dave Mindeman

We are in the midst of a rolling Constitutional crisis. And everyone in the Republican Party are the enablers.

Paul Ryan stands at a press conference and has the audacity to claim that he is just doing his oversight job – and that “transparency” is the cure.

There is no transparency here. All indications point to a very opaque memo with cherry picked facts and blocks the alternative response from the minority. That does not meet the definition of any kind of transparency that I know of.

But even more disturbing is how this entire fiasco is undermining the rule of law. In order to protect a Republican President, the Congress controlled by Republicans is willing to clearly obstruct justice.

I believe we are up to 34 House Republicans quitting going into 2018. Many of them are committee chairs. They do not have any final act of bravery – they are just going to run away and spit on their oath of office.

I expected a Donald Trump presidency to be bad. But I did not realize that it would be dangerous. Dangerous to democracy as we know it. Every action he takes appears to be the action of a guilty man. Of a kid caught in a web of lies that has no escape.

The only hope in this whole mess is that Robert Mueller can finish his job. Finish it before Trump and his cohorts find a way to shut it down.

We are looking at a vast criminal enterprise – and the oversight Ryan speaks of are just ostriches with their heads buried in the sand.

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