They Are Absent

The constant parade of lies and coverups in this administration are too numerous to mention anymore.

It’s not just the Russia situation. This Rob Porter unforced error would unhinge any other administration. John Kelly, Sarah Sanders, and Trump himself are all lying about what transpired with Porter’s clearance and FBI investigation. I mean it is absolutely clear everything they say is a lie. The timeline…the ignoring of the FBI recommendations…the protection of his position…and most importantly, the dismissal of the underlying credible accusation – spousal abuse.

Trump is more concerned about his staffer than he is about his staffer’s victims. And I guess we can figure out why that is – because Trump himself sympathizes with the Porter situation, because he has been there himself. And is guilty of exactly the same thing. So, he is used to the need to lie and cover up. Women should know their place and when they do not, excuses must be made and lies must be told.

It should give all women pause to see how this administration portrays its attitude toward women. Kelly obviously sees a diminished role for females. Trump always sides with the men. Kelly Anne Conway plays her mercenary role at the expense of women. As does Sarah Huckabee Sanders. We saw Scaramucci more concerned about make-up than policy. We see Hope Hicks treated as a sex object. We see Melania often desperately seeking the protective shell of Trump Tower and obviously seeks to avoid any limelight. Even Ivanka – the “strong” woman in the White House is relegated to secondary roles on policy and decisions – and her voice disappears when women’s issues come to the fore.

The Republican Party is an enabler of all this. They defer to the White House on handling the most obvious scandal. Their oversight role only applies to Democratic issues. They are ostriches in the sand when it comes to any of the multiple scandals involving the White House.

And the irony is not lost, that a party that was up in arms at the very notion that Secretary Clinton may have, possibly, mishandled classified information – while they ignore Trump’s multiple cases of failed background checks and interim clearances, all handling the most sensitive data – and treating it with improper protocol.

Where is the Republican Party? The “law and order” party? The Party that professes to protect the Constitution?

In a few words – They Are Absent.

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