In Vote to Shame Dems, Erik Paulsen Rejects Right To Try Experimental Drugs

It was a sham vote … designed to shame Democrats … and it failed.

Ya gotta wonder how badly Speaker Ryan wanted to trash Democrats when he allowed a vote under a provision called “suspend the rules” meaning that to be approved would require a two-thirds approval.
These are bills that normally are non-controversial such as naming a Post Office … but upon occasion they are used to set up the other party for election shaming … which is what the Republican-controlled House did yesterday.

Before the vote, Speaker Paul Ryan’s (R-WI-01.) spokeswoman tweeted:

It failed to get the two-thirds required by six votes … and part of the reason was that two Republicans failed to vote Yes … a retiring Member and Minnesota’s Third District Republican Erik Paulsen.

What ?
PartyPuppetPaulsen actually voted against Paul Ryan’s wishes ?

Yep, maybe the 2018 election is causing Erik Paulsen a little concern.
Maybe he is trying to show that he is listening to a variety of groups that urged a No vote. With more than 75 patient organizations included American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Susan G. Komen, TargetCancer Foundation, American Lung Association, and the National Organization for Rare Disorders, etc. writing :

“we reiterate our concern with creating a secondary pathway for accessing investigational therapies outside of clinical trials that would remove Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and consultation, and would not increase access to promising therapies for our patients because it does not address the primary barriers to such access”

The groups also noted the FDA already has a compassionate use program that lets a physician ask the FDA to let a patient try an experimental drug (the agency approves more than 99 percent of those requests). They also noted that drugmakers often decide not to let a patient try a drug outside of a clinical trial.

Of course many of these same groups expressed a negative view of the Paulsen Health Care Reform Plan.

But this time Erik Paulsen voted to stand up to the Koch Brothers, FreedomWorks, Donald Trump and Mike Pence, who all urged it to be approved … good for him … but ya gotta wonder if his Democrat challenger in November’s election would have done the same thing.

Yet, the one that has to be kicking himself is Paul Ryan … why didn’t he just let the bill be voted on under regular order … it would have easily passed.

As the election nears, be mindful of votes designed strictly to send a political message … for example, expect to see praise for enacting a school safety bill (then read how little it does.)

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