Norm Coleman brings a little PA18 to buck up MN03 Paulsen campaign

Ya gotta wonder if Erik Paulsen’s childhood baseball idol was “Charlie Hustle” (aka Pete Rose) … ’cause it seems that he proclaimed on Bloomberg “I never am outhustled.

So what is “hustle” … a person with initiative … a person that is trying to make something happen for himself (and of course #PaulsenDonors) ?

“hustle” … maybe “huckster” … a person who sells himself in showy and sometimes devious methods.

Hmmm … like this

While Congressman Paulsen is hyping the (unpaid) tax cut that small brewers received, he fails to acknowledge that the big brewers save big time also … as do wineries (DYK that Trump Winery is Virginia’s largest vineyard? oh, and if you prefer California wines, consider Rupert Murdoch’s Moraga Estate vineyard) … and that tax credit will expire on December 31, 2019.
Fun Fact : The WINE AND SPIRITS WHOLESALERS OF AMERICA, INC. POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE donated” $2,500 on December 27 to Congressman Paulsen’s Political Action Committee.
Yap, a “huckster” !

And speaking of “hucksters”, get ready for an onslaught of outside groups sending paid messaging for Erik Paulsen’s re-election campaign … like this one from Norm Coleman’s American Action Network

The Coleman group is airing this TV ad asking us to “Thank Congressman Erik Paulsen” for a “$2,000 middle class tax cut.”

Did you get a $2,000 tax cut ???

Well, that may depend upon your income level and dependents.
$2,000 savings is an estimate for a family of four with two young children and an income of $73,000. The tax cut would be nearly half that for a family of four with older teenagers.
Both tax cuts would shrink over time as other provisions of the law take effect or expire (hey, just like the craft brewers will soon learn that their tax cut will expire.)

Ya gotta admit it’s a great ad … especially when if features a young mom talking about how Congressman Paulsen is looking out for middle class families … sorta counters the argument that all Representative Paulsen “represents” is #PaulsenDonors.

Wanna bet that a lot of Third District voters would welcome the chance to bump into Natalie when she is doing grocery shopping … like buying cheese ????

Hmmm … now you understand why Natalie really wants to thank Congressman Paulsen … he’s responsible for the tax cut enjoyed by the wine producers.

Turns out that you will have a better chance to bump into Natalie Mihalek at a grocery store in Upper Saint Clair PENNSYLVANIA than you will in Minnesota’s Third District.
Upper Saint Clair is located in PA18 … and in case you missed it, they just held a special election where Natalie’s candidate, Republican Rick Saccone has conceded the contest to Democrat Conor Lamb.

OK … so Natalie is a “wine and cheese“-loving Mom … who also happens to be an attorney who currently maintains a private law practice … and is a candidate for the Pennsylvania legislature. Heck, ya gotta bet that Natalie Mihalek, Esquire has some clients that are middle class.

Assuming that Natalie will be working hard to make sure that she is “never outhustled in her own election campaign, Minnesota voters may not see her again … but they will see Norm Coleman spending a lot of money on Erik Paulsen’s campaign.

Yep, the 2018 midterms will be all about one “huckster” promoting another “huckster”.

The “wine and cheese” crowd lost in PA18, let’s see how well that message plays for MN03 middle class families in November … ’cause would it be awful to see Norm Coleman waste more money.