We Need An Intervention

I have not been posting lately because it seems like the minute I get done writing something, the news cycle has passed it all by.

Today, Trump is threatening Syria. Paul Ryan decides not to run again. Zuckerberg is testifying to the House. Still getting the aftermath of the FBI raid on Cohen’s office. Jim Comey’s book comes out next week. And baseball in the snow.

How do you keep up with that?

Donald Trump has given America a case of the frenzies. We do not have time to respond to anything. The infringements keep going and keep getting worse.

If we ever needed an election to hear the voice of the American people, that time is now. Trump has ruined health care; ruined the EPA; ruined any respect for the press; is on the verge of ruining the economy; and has taken politics into the toilet.

And yet he is still standing. Republicans are not only not doing anything but they are turning tail and running away. Remember when John McCain ran on a platform of “Country First”? It would always be our country before politics. Well, that certainly went out the window with Trump – when he says America First, he really means Trump First.

We are headed for a Constitutional crisis. Trump is going to force all of us to do something. He will not leave – no matter what the Mueller investigation says – and the Republican Party is too cowardly to stand up to it.

Republicans always told us that once they got full control of government that things would certainly be different. Well they are – they are a disaster.

This November, Democrats, Independents, like minded Republicans – all need to vote. To raise a voice that says, this is not who we are.

Whatever kind of experiment this has been – it has been an abject failure. The country needs an intervention – this election must serve that purpose.

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