The Will Of The People On Guns Will Have To Be Reflected At The Ballot Box

by Dave Mindeman

The Star Tribune Poll looked into the issue of gun laws and came up with two opposing ideas….

1) Regulations will be a tough sell.

“Legislators and lobbyists said neither those nor other gun control laws are likely to progress this year in St. Paul, with Republican legislative leaders showing no willingness to take them up.”

Notice it is Republican legislative leaders that are the obstacle.

Secondly, is the opposite view.

2) Overwhelming public support.

“Asked whether criminal background checks should be mandatory on all gun sales — current state law has exceptions for private sales and at gun shows — a full 90 percent of poll respondents said yes, with only 8 percent opposed. And 86 percent said it should be mandatory to report stolen or lost guns to police.”

Anything that has that kind of overwhelming support should be a safe political stance, shouldn’t it? But Republicans at the Capitol do not fear the public, they fear the NRA Gun lobby.

There is an obvious flaw in the system when this is the case. The people are the ones to be represented. They are the ones who determine electoral fates. Yet, somehow, Republicans have minimized public support and have found ways to ignore gun safety voices.

The numbers are overwhelming:

56% support stricter gun laws – 31% oppose.

59% oppose arming teachers – 35% support.

63% support raising the legal purchase age to 21 – 27% oppose.

59% support a ban on military-styled rifles with detachable magazines while 31% oppose the ban.

90% support mandatory criminal background check on all gun sales, including those sold privately and at gun shows – 8% oppose.

54% believe we would be less safe if more people carried guns – 36% believe we would be safer.

45% say Congress is not going far enough on gun laws – 23% say too far.

Republicans are not reflecting the will of the public – they are obstructing that will. That would suggest that we need a change in this Minnesota legislature. First the House in 2018 – then the Senate in 2020.

It is that simple. The will of the people needs to make itself heard.

And that must be at the ballot box.

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