Promise Made – Promises Kept?

By Dave Mindeman

Promises made – promises kept?

Build the wall – not built; but if it is, the money will be paid by us.

Drug Prices – big Pharma is still happy.

Immigration – kept his promise to destroy families. There’s one.

Infrastructure – Non-existent.

Keeping Jobs – Well, I’m not sure saving jobs at ZTE in China counts.

Iran Treaty – Oh, he kept that one – and we will pay for it.

Paris Treaty – Kept that one also – and the world will pay for it.

Drain the Swamp – The swamp got bigger instead, and it includes him.

Middle East Peace – Fixed it by ending all possibilities.

Foreign Trade Deficits – Anyone know what the hell he is doing?

Stock Market – Well, he is raising the price of oil.

Sue all the women accusers – They are suing him.

“Only I Can Fix It” – He broke it.

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