Lewis and Paulsen and TEA Party Endorsements

Since the rise of the TaxEnoughAlready Party in Minnesota, the message was clear … there would be primary challenges to Republican members of Congress they accuse of caving in” to Democrats.

So it was that Second District Republicans have held a completive primary since 2012 … until this year, when first term Congressman Jason Lewis will be unopposed.
Essentially a de facto endorsement that Lewis’ votes in Congress have pleased the TEA Party movement.

And once again in this primary election, Minnesota’s Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen does not have a challenger.
Essentially a de facto endorsement that Paulsen’ votes in Congress have pleased the TEA Party movement.
Heck, even when the TEA Party movement was launching challenges, the only primary challenge that Erik Paulsen got was in 2012 … from John Howard III who was on Edina’s Energy and Environment Commission and a coordinator for the Edina area Chapter of Citizens’ Climate Lobby — yep, some Republicans do care about climate change.

Yep, so when the TEA Party doesn’t challenge you, you are “one of us” … a Trump loyalist.
And what a gift for the general election, without a primary, Lewis and Paulsen can make appeals to moderate voters without having to promote their voting record.

Republican incumbents rarely lose primaries … but it does happen … Robert Pittenger of North Carolina lost his primary election in May … and Martha Roby of Alabama failed to avoid a run-off this month while Mark Sanford of South Carolina is expecting a tight contest in today’s primary.

Which leads us to Minnesota’s Sixth District. Tom Emmer will once again face two challengers … and they call him out.

Candidate A J Kern asserts

The truth is, both Democrats and establishment Republicans have turned Washington D.C. into an unrecognizable money-making machine designed for retaining their seats in Congress while maximizing their personal wealth.

For Republicans, the swamp snake is the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), a private organization controlling congressional access to power. Congressman Ken Buck wrote in his book, Drain the Swamp, “If you want to serve on a committee, you have to raise money for the NRCC.”

Members of Congress are pressed into raising more than half a million to a million for the NRCC, in exchange for committee seats and congressional power positions.

Holding court as Chairman of the NRCC, is none other than your CD-6 representative and former National Popular Vote Lobbyist, Congressman Tom Emmer. Given the enormous time demands of raising money himself and serving as “head coach” for the D.C. home team, the NRCC, is it any wonder CD-6 residents are frustrated with inaction on home town issues.

As residents of Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, we have the unique opportunity to help drain the swamp by directly pulling the plug.

Challenger Patrick Munro is focused on funding “The Wall” and his target, Tom Emmer.

It has been the law since 2006 to build the wall on our southern border, but the RINO open border obstructionists and the open border Democrats refuse to fund the wall. Tom Emmer’s US Chamber of Crony Capitalism (also the Koch Brothers) use campaign cash to control guys like Tom Emmer thus preventing the funding of the wall.

Hmmm … examine Tom Emmer’s voting record and you would be hard pressed not to find that he his membership in the #MNTrumpTrio is unwavering … his TEA Party challengers must think that they could do a better job of pleasing Trump.

Other Minnesota districts where the TEA Party will help decide the Republican candidate include

First District
Andrew Candler
Jim Hagedorn ( jimhagedorn.org )
Carla Nelson ( carlanelson.com )
Steve Williams

The Fifth District
Bob “Again” Carney Jr. ( www.votebobagain.com )
Christopher Chamberlin ( www.chamberlinformn.com )
Jennifer Zielinski ( jen4us.com )

The Seventh District
Dave Hughes ( www.hughesforcongress.us )
Matt Prosch ( mattproschforcongress.com )

The Eighth District
Pete Stauber ( petestauberforcongress.com )
Harry Robb Welt ( www.lincolndemocrat.com )

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