When the Going Gets Tough…..

Today was a bad day for liberals.

Very bad.

And I have seen a number of people sent into the throes of depression over the union decision and now the retirement of Justice Kennedy.

All is lost. We are doomed.

OK – now that we have commiserated somewhat, let’s get back to the fight.

First of all – knock it off. Weepy time is over. We are not an impotent minority. We can still claw our way back if we have the political will.

Democrats and Progressives make all sorts of unforced errors. Way too many. We get so caught up in our own rhetoric that we forget how to get back into the political game. Yeah, we have had several set backs. Tough, hard core set backs. But maybe there is a possibility that climbing out of this hole might make us a better party in the long run.

It is not about who is pro-choice enough or who is environmentally educated enough or who is pro-union enough. It is a simple matter of, let’s get Democrats elected.

The Supreme Court has been in play for some time. The Republican tribe was aware of this for a decade. They even sacrificed a lot of their own values to get the court they wanted. Meanwhile Democrats got caught up in corporatism and big money in politics and “her emails”. Stuff we can’t do much about as a perennial minority party. Yet, we persist, to coin a phrase. The idea of being involved in making policy is first, get the power. Everything else is secondary. Don’t you feel a little frustrated always protesting on the fringes? Always hoping for a political gimmick or miracle to bend the arc of history? We are thinking completely backwards.

Elections matter. An age old axiom, but so, so true. And so, so basic. Democrats argue internally way too much and way too destructively. It is back to the premise that we continue to do the same things, over and over, expecting a different result. If you are a Democrat and you trash Democrats politically, then you are from the defeatist wing of the party.

I’m not saying you can’t challenge party orthodoxy or that you can’t criticize a candidate position – but it is November that matters. And if there is something you are concerned about in your Democratic candidate, please remember the alternative. Republicans. They will NEVER look out for you. Never.

We need to elect Democrats. Even flawed Democrats…because it is the policy and power that make the difference.

As we look at a Supreme Court that will have a solidified majority for a generation, we need to reassess our priorities. Remember that Gorsuch replaced Scalia, so no change there. And Kennedy, a conservative, will also be replaced by a conservative – status quo. But the liberals are aging….Clarence Thomas is aging….the future of the Supreme Court is still up for grabs. And as Democrats, we need to be united in our resolve to never, ever let a candidate like Trump enter the Oval Office.

I will vote Democrat in November. Repeat it once more. I will vote Democrat in November.