MN03 Paulsen complains “We’re shooting ourselves in the foot” as Trump Tariffs impact Paulsen Portfolio and Israel

Minnesota’s Third District Congressman Erik Paulsen issued a press release concerning President Trump’s tariffs “Paulsen on 301 Tariffs: “We’re Shooting Ourselves in the Foot“.

While other Republicans and Democrats are sponsoring legislation, Congressman Paulsen is issuing press releases !
Guts ???
Leadership ???
Nah … not with President Trump (and Erik Paulsen’s 97.7% Support-Trump voting record).

Is there any doubt that if a Democrat Administration issued those tariff orders, that Congressman Paulsen would be on a daily rant — remember his focus on Lois Lerner of the IRS that started in 2013 and went on long after she retired.

But in the age of “Trump Fear”, Congressman Paulsen is restrained.
President Trump first tariffs were on solar panels, and a bipartisan legislation was offered H.R.5571 – Protecting American Solar Jobs Act … Congressman Paulsen sits on the Ways and Means Committee where it was assigned … he has done nothing.
Further, H.R.5760 – Trade Authority Protection Act was another bipartisan proposal that has been assigned to the Ways and Means Committee … and ignored by Congressman Paulsen.

So why the press release now ?

Could it be that Trump Tariffs are having an effect on Erik Paulsen’s portfolio ?

Many Procter & Gamble Co (PG.N) products sold in Canada – from Febreze candles to Gillette shaving foam – will be affected by retaliatory tariffs on U.S.-made goods after Canadian authorities rejected a request for exemptions, a P&G spokesman said
P&G said Bounty paper towels, Charmin toilet tissue and Puffs facial tissue – made in a facility in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania – would be taxed, as would Cascade automatic dish washing detergent, Febreze aerosols, Pantene hair sprays and Olay body wash and more.

His personal financial disclosure, states that Procter and Gamble has been a long time holding.
And despite, the #PaulsenTaxCut, shares of P&G have been down … 13.66% YTD.

Another factor is that Trump Tariffs have exempted so few countries (Australia, Argentina, Brazil, South Korea) … and putting our allies on his list

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel will not be exempt from steel and aluminum tariffs recently imposed by the Trump administration.

The 25 percent tariff on steel and the 10 percent tariff on aluminum has the potential to seriously harm the Israeli metal industry, the Israeli business website Calcalist reported Tuesday.

The United States is Israel’s largest goods export market, the article reported. The U.S. and Israel signed a free trade agreement in 1985.

Gosh … that must not please Israel … especially since Congressman Paulsen has traveled on Israel-sponsored trips there … in 11/10/2009 – 11/16/2009 (with his spouse) and 8/20/2011 – 8/27/2011 (with his daughter) … as well as Congressman Paulsen authorizing his Chief of Staff to accept a Israel-sponsored trip 5/28/2016 – 6/5/2016 .
What could be more fun than a “free trip” (until the media asks you about it … key line in the Star Tribune’s story — Paulsen declined to be interviewed for this story.

Sorta makes you wonder why when constituents warn of the disastrous consequences of Trump Tariffs that Congressman Paulsen stays “mum” … but once they impact his own finances and friends, he reacts.

Congressman Paulsen says he is a free trader … writing in 2015

In a world that continues to grow and change, we have to ask ourselves, “Who do we want writing the rules in the global marketplace?” China has made its interest clear in pursuing a path where they set the standards and are able to exert their influence. Since 2002, 48 trade deals have been negotiated in Asia, with the United States only being party to two of them. Since that time, our share of exports to the region has declined by 42 percent.

If we fail to act now, the rules of the game may be set by other countries, and not to the benefit of hardworking Americans.

Great question — “Who do we want writing the rules in the global marketplace?”
Simple answer is that Congressman Paulsen needs to sponsor legislation and tell the President Trump NO.

Everyday it seems that more and more Third District constituents are coming to the realization that “We’re have been shooting ourselves in the foot since 2008” (when Erik Paulsen was first elected to Congress) … are now asking themselves, “What have you done for us (those of us that are not #PaulsenDonors) ?”

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