MN03 Fiscal Fraud Erik Paulsen Gets Award as Taxpayers get stuck with $320,767,790 bill

Whatever happened to Minnesota’s self-proclaimed “Math Guy” … you know the one that was concerned about the national debt and preaching that government must do what Minnesota families must do — live within their means.

Our debt crisis is a legitimate threat to our Nation’s security and our future. A nation that does not control its debt does not control its destiny. In order to give our children and grandchildren that secure future and economic stability we need a balanced budget.
— Congressman Erik Paulsen November 18, 2011

Fast Forward to July 17th, and the #MathGuy has been replaced by #PhotoOpErik … willing to give tax breaks in exchange for an award.

Yep … “Representative” Erik Paulsen is a recipient of the 2018 Brewers Association Legislative Champion Award.

And what did he do to earn this recognition ?

Well, simple he gave Donald Trump; Rupert Murdoch; former NFL stars Dan Marino, John Elway, Joe Montana, and Drew Bledsoe; along with Congressional Gold Medal winner Jack Nicklaus; and a segment of small and Big businesses a tax cut for producing beer, wine and distilled spirits.

And what did it cost the taxpayers — since the tax cut is added to the national debt — $320,767,790.

Yep, “Representative” Paulsen is the author of H.R. 747, the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act of 2017 (CBMTRA), which provides excise tax cuts to all sectors of the alcohol industry.
The bill’s name is highly deceiving, as the largest impacts are for distilled spirits and large brewer excise tax reduction, while rewarding some of the top 1% who operate wineries another tax cut.

This analysis identifies the “Big” winners :

— Roughly $177 million dollars to the distilled spirits industry. Tax giveaways strongly favor big spirits distillers ($128 million to distillers producing over 100,000 proof-gallons, versus $49 million to 1,741 distillers producing < 100,000 proof-gallons)

— Roughly $50 million to Big Alcohol “craft” brewers producing over 2 million barrels annually. Tax giveaways strongly favor huge brewers
($50 million to 7 breweries producing 2-6 million barrels, versus $76 million to 4,910 brewers producing <2 million barrels)

— Roughly $18 million to wineries.

OK … so the debt is going up … so what will the members of the Brewers Association be doing with their savings ?

Well, it’s probably what they are not doing … according to a recent survey, half will NOT be hiring any more employees and 30% have no plans to expand/re-invest in their production facilities … and no one mentioned lowering the price that consumers pay.

Remember, this is an excise tax … a tax that is passed on to the consumer.
Remember also, that this excise tax suspension is in addition to H.R. 1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (aka #PaulsenTaxCuts) which reduced tax rates for all businesses.

Ya gotta ask, why a so-called “fiscal conservative” would see the need to give an additional tax break to Big Beer and operations like Trump Winery, Rupert Murdoch’s Moraga Winery, Drew Bledsoe’s Doubleback Winery, Jack Nicklaus Wines, etc. ?

What ya don’t have to ask is why “Representative” Paulsen would highlight the tax cut for craft beer … it’s all about “mis-Representation” and promoting an image of addressing the needs of the “struggling small businessman”.

Congratulations to “Representative” Erik Paulsen on your award … the voters will surely take this into account on November 6 — Election Day.

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