Cause And Effect

In baseball, if a closing reliever comes into a game in the bottom of the 9th with a 4 run lead, it is not a save situation. A closer only gets a save if his team has a lead of 3 runs or less. But let’s say this closer runs into a problem and 3 runs score but he finishes the game. Does he get a save for his team still winning by one run? According to the rules of baseball, a reliever who finishes the game cannot create his own save situation – so no, the reliever does NOT get a save.

You cannot create your own save situation. Which brings me to Donald Trump. Trump inherits a big lead in the American economy. When he brags about a robust economy, it is one of the few things he says that is actually true. But that economy his humming along at the about same pace that President Obama built up during his last term, and Trump has merely not screwed it up — at least not yet.

Trump is like that reliever protecting a four run lead. But he is also creating some trouble. His massive tax cut bill for the wealthy is creating a huge deficit….and his tariff trade war is beginning to have an impact on commodity pricing. These are unforced errors. These are drags on the economy that were unnecessary.

So Trump the reliever is trying to patch up his problems. Farmers caught up in the tariff problem are losing money on their crops – so Trump decides, rather than walk back his trade war, he will borrow $12 billion and just prop up the growing farming crisis. The four run lead is down to one run and the bases are still loaded.

You can forget about any save now, Trump just wants to salvage the win. He is dangerously close to turning that four run easy win into a disastrous walk off loss.

But he has created this problem and there is no statistical reward for that.

That’s the rules.

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