Thank Erik Paulsen IF your weekly paycheck went UP $97.71

Want help with your 2019 tax filing ?

Well, the man to see is Norm Coleman … just ask Erik Paulsen !

$5,081 … or $97.71 per week … or $195.42 bi-weekly … or $423.42 per month.

If you are married with two kids and did NOT see that in your paycheck, ya gotta see Norm Coleman.

Heck, even Erik Paulsen must have not thought his tax cut legislation would save his constituents that much when he sent out this mailer in January 2018

Erik Paulsen mailer asserting a $2,598 tax savings for a median household

$2,598 would seem like a big savings … but thanks to The Norm Coleman Tax Calculator, your savings is a lot more.

Funny thing is that The Norm Coleman Tax Calculator used data from a House Committee on Ways and Means, December 2017 report.

Gosh, wouldn’t ya think that Erik Paulsen, who sits on the Ways and Means Committee, would have used that number in his January 2018 mailer?

FYI : The Paulsen tweet uses data from the American Action Network (which was founded by Norm Coleman as Chairman and CEO).
The savings is based on a “median household income for a four person household” of $140,751 and for a single person of $84,689.
Turns out that Minnesota’s Third District taxpayers will be one of the highest beneficiaries of the #PaulsenTaxCut … most district are less than half that amount.
For a complete listing by Congressional District, check this link.

Norm Coleman’s numbers are also considerably higher than what The Heritage Foundation calculated as a $1,920 tax savings (as discussed on a July 24 MN Political Roundtable commentary.)

OK … here’s a simple test that Erik Paulsen should do … show us his last paycheck in 2017 and his most recent paycheck … his pay has not changed (most Members of the House have an annual salary of $174,000 and it has not changed since last year.)
Now, his salary is higher than the median, so he should ask a couple of his Minnesota-based Congressional staff to show their paychecks.
Let’s see his District Director has a salary in the $80,000 range while his District Outreach Director is in the $48,000 range.
Just those three people should be quite telling as to whom really benefits from the tax cut.

Next step … pull your last paycheck from 2017 and compare to your most recent paycheck … if you did not get a weekly savings of $97.71, well the answer is obvious, Erik Paulsen is not focused on you but instead on those earning $140,751.

Yep, it’s time to change your focus to Dean Phillips.

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