Kavanaugh: It Begs The Question

Brett Kavanaugh is expanding the boundaries of credulity with his defense of himself. The picture that emerges of him from a number of classmates is one of a hard drinking privileged frat boy. Which makes it all the more difficult to wrap your head around Kavanaugh’s own description of a choir boy virgin in that Fox interview.

I really fail to understand why Kavanaugh would promote such an obvious lie about himself. I doubt that anyone would question the idea that he may have partied a little too much in high school and college. The only question would have been how far he might have taken things. But instead, Kavanaugh used the terms “virgin” and “mild drinking” to describe his life which totally contradicts most of the images already portrayed.

His yearbook contradicts it. His friends contradict it. And two many different stories about his life contradict it.

If Kavanaugh had just owned up to his frat boy past and said that he was like a number of high school and college students who partied too much and opted for fast living in uncertain times….that description we could have easily believed and would leave only the question of the actual acts described by his accusers.

But he went with the Trump model. Deny, deny, deny. No matter what, never give an inch.

That is a very bad model to emulate and calls in question his very judgment for the bench. How will we not question everything he decides on the bench. How can we not assume that he will manipulate the law as he is now manipulating the facts?

If Kavanaugh is confirmed and rammed through the Senate as it looks like McConnell will do – the Democrats will be pressured to reopen this investigation when and if they get the opportunity. Kavanaugh’s tenure will always be questioned. He will always be followed by questions and innuendos. And yes, even a potential impeachment may follow him to the Court. The majority Republicans in the Senate have not been wise in their advise and consent role. That is the reason we need to fire them. The rule of law demands it.