He Is Lying

He is lying.

I’m talking about Brett Kavanaugh.

What we have hear is a case where one person is clearly lying under oath. And I have absolutely no I have no doubt that the truth teller is Dr. Ford. Kavanaugh put up a good front – he cried, he was angry, he told us about his daughter. All very sympathetic. But Kavanaugh does not want to reopen the FBI investigation. He was asked about a half dozen times and he would not give a positive response. His “friend” Mark Judge (who was in the room according to Dr. Ford) has refused to testify. His statement is written and signed by his lawyer – not him. The guy is clearly not ready to tell the whole truth.

I can’t be certain but Kavanaugh’s behavior is reminiscent of a drunk in denial. And I can clearly see this guy being a belligerent drunk. Alcoholics lie to survive. They deny what they really are. They even convince themselves that they are an upstanding citizen at all times. But in the end, they have to hit rock bottom before they confront their real life.

Yes, both families have gone through hell. Both of them. It is a ridiculous process which could have been more manageable if the FBI investigation had been reopened (as it was in the Clarence Thomas hearings). But no, Republicans can’t have that because they are afraid. Afraid that more might be learned.

Kavanaugh has given them a brief window to ram this through while the country tries to process all of this. Speed will be of the essence.

But this is not over. More about Kavanaugh will be coming out. People with cold feet now, will change their minds and come clean with the truth.

It is also telling that Kavanaugh’s last answer to Senator Kennedy’s question about whether or not he watched the testimony of Dr. Ford was also a flat out lie. A totally unnecessary lie. The Wall Street Journal reported that he was alone in another room watching it. That is the action of an alcoholic lying for no reason.

The only thing we can do now for Dr. Ford and for reclaiming this process (remember Merrick Garland), is to VOTE in November. Vote Democrats into majorities for the House AND even more importantly now, the Senate.

Lindsay Graham says he has never been as pissed at the Democrats as he is now.

Well, Senator Graham, you have not seen a more pissed electorate than you will see in November. Trust me on this.

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