The Right Decision

I can’t imagine that a teenager in Maryland would not know that the drinking age had changed. I cannot believe that with so much anecdotal evidence from other people, that Bret Kavanaugh never had a blackout episode. I can’t fathom that a yearbook riddled with degrading remarks against women could possibly have a different meaning to the same person 36 years later. It is hard to think that a person who states multiple times his “love of beer” is not drinking to excess to this very day. And it is also hard to believe that someone who professes to believe in the partiality of the Court would, when backed into the corner, blame the “revenge of the Clintons” as an excuse for his problems. The speaker of those words is a partisan hack to his very core.

Bret Kavanugh is a liar. A liar in deep, deep denial about a very private problem. During his previous public testimony, we only saw a window into the professional life of Bret Kavanaugh. Now we have seen glimpses of who Bret Kavanaugh is at his core. Small glimpses but very vivid ones. This is the person Dr. Ford had to deal with – and I suspect it is the person that others have dealt with along the way.

Jeff Flake made a painful decision today but it was the right one. It was the right one for himself. It was the right one for women. It was the right one for the country.

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