Here Is What We Should and Should Not Do After The MidTerms

There are a lot of crazy notions going on about what Democrats want in the ether and we need to put a stop to some and clarify others. I just think we should be the rational party – especially now.

So let’s look at some of these with the contingency that Democrats get control of at least the House.

  1. We are not going to abolish ICE. This administration has weaponized ICE to a fault, but it should not be abolished. We do have to have order at the border and ICE, if used properly can do this just fine. Remember Obama’s problem in 2014? A large number of unaccompanied children from Central America were crossing the border. These children were fleeing abusive situations in their home countries but were in danger of being exploited for sex trafficking. Yes, Obama had detention centers built and additional funds had to be appropriated. The Obama administration sought special status (much of which Trump is reversing) and many of these children are in the US. But the situation had to be managed and without ICE, it would have spiraled into chaos. Abolishing ICE may feel good for chanting at protests, but it is not something we should actually do.
  2. Impeachment must wait. It would also be foolish to immediately proceed to impeachment if the Democrats take over the House. There are too many things to fix that need the time and attention of Democratic leaders. And delving into a horribly divisive situation immediately is ridiculous. Trump will still be President and there may be some things that can be done that he might decide would be in his own best interest to negotiate on. After all, he will still be thinking of his reputation and if the Republicans don’t have the power, he will work with those who have it. A contained Trump might be a cooperative Trump. Especially if his image is tarnished….and he accomplishes that well enough all on his own.
  3. Immigration Bill should be high priority. If the Democrats get control, I feel strongly that it will be because of a wave of women and Latino voters who have had enough. The Latino community deserve equal priority attention (with women). After all, an immigration fix could unite the country quickly as these divisive assumptions about immigrants need to done away with. Our business community needs workers – we need more productivity – we need that immigrant entrepreneurial spirit once again that has pushed this country through so many hard times. A comprehensive immigration plan is essential. I realize that Trump would have to sign any bill, but with some outside pressure, I still think it is possible to happen.
  4. Quick Health Care Fix needed – then Single Payer can be discussed. The idea of a single payer solution to health care is still a possibility, but Trump has so badly damaged the system that is in place, that at least a temporary fix for that must come right away. Tweaking the ACA has to be done, but any fix should bring in the public option that the original ACA House bill had in it. Once the public option begins to run smoothly and any kinks are fixed, then a full single payer might be in order. But we should tread carefully – especially if we only have the House.
  5. Environmental Protections must be restored. In order to reverse the executive order destruction that Trump has done on a scorched earth strategy, legislation must be put together to put into law as much as we can. This will be difficult with Trump still President, but we can certainly get started and make it an election issue for 2020. Once the public fully understands the dynamics of environmental protection (and I think some of it is already evident because of Trump reversals), I think they will welcome a restoration of what keeps us safe in that realm.
  6. Women’s Issues Front and Center. Whatever issue that can protect women should be pushed, even if Trump threatens vetoes. The VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) should be reauthorized right away. I can’t imagine a chastised Trump wouldn’t sign that without question. And reproductive rights should be pursued with the same zeal that Republicans have tried to take away those rights in recent years. It would also be a great idea to continue the pursuit of the Equal Rights Amendment. A legal basis for equal status protections in all areas of law is warranted.
  7. Also time for LGBTQ rights to have equal status in law guaranteed. Fix this. These ridiculous transgender battles and the idea that someone can be fired for being gay need to end once and for all. A Supreme Court ruling on marriage was big – but equality is still elusive. All legal rights have got to be guaranteed for every citizen. The fact that we even have to fix this is foolishness.

There. That is a list of important things that should and shouldn’t be done. I am not naive enough to think that all of that can happen right away, but if we are to keep pursuing the power of control into 2020, we have to show the American people what we are about. If we can be persuasive enough, then maybe they will want progressives and Democrats to take this to the next level. That would be a happy end game after what we have gone through the last 2 years.

But first things first – vote, vote, vote in the mid-terms. Failure to take back at least the House will make our path forward a difficult one to say the least.

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