Negative. That is the only description one can provide for the ads coming from the US Republican House and the MN House Republican caucus. I have been looking for them to tout any accomplishments…still waiting. A few days ago, they were beginning to talk about how they decreased health care premiums, except they forget to tell us that it is a one time buy down with millions of taxpayer dollars simply handed over to the insurance companies. Never telling us that next year that money will be gone and premiums will rise even higher.

Negative. The MN Republicans have nothing positive to say. They can’t tell us that they have an agenda that helps all of us. They can’t say that they produced any landmark legislation. All they seem to focus on is the failure of MNLARS without doing anything to fix it. They are quick to point out elder abuse, but didn’t pass anything to help. They don’t hesitate to get indignant about some day cares that have billed fraudulently to the state ( with ridiculous GOP attempts to link this to terrorism), but once again, they have done nothing about it.

Negative. They attack Democratic House candidates, who have never cast one single vote, as being in collusion with their “liberal allies” and “party bosses” in St. Paul. All that these civic minded candidates have done, is volunteer to run for office and offer their vision of what they can do for their communities. They haven’t been able to vote on any increased spending, not offered one single tax, and have only proffered plans to fix the problems which the people ACTUALLY with legislative power have not done anything about. So the GOP response to these new candidates is to offer dark, grainy, false assertions on cable ads or ominous looking literature, about votes these candidates could not have taken and never could.

Negative. There aren’t very many cheery biographical pieces about Republicans. They aren’t a cheery lot. Their message is “we are not Democrats” – but since Democrats do not control very much of government, the problems that exist cannot be blamed on the minority party. Of course, that does not stop the ads from telling everybody what Democrats might do to make things worse. Which begs the question, what about the problems we face right now? Where have the Republicans been on broadband, road revenue, transit, nitrates in the rivers and lakes, tax conformity for next April, fixing MNLARS, long term fix for health care, property tax relief…….where have they been on any of these issues?

No…all we get are dark, grainy negative commercials on TV and untruthful, distorted literature in the mail. Solves nothing. Helps nobody. And is contemptuous of the people who vote in this state and this country.

Vote on November 6th. Vote Democrat.

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