So according to Trump – men should NEVER admit to any kind of wrongdoing in regards to sexual assault or harassment. Apparently Al Franken was weak in that regard. Republicans reward denials and attack the women. And so far, it works….

At some point, there has to be a reckoning. This election in November is a beginning, not an end. This has to be a generational transition. Republicans are taunting women. They believe that their own political power will always prevail. That denials by men are enough. That women do not have to be believed. And to take the hypocrisy even further, women only need to be supported if they can be used to take down a member of the opposition party.

The Republican Party seems to be content to shrink their tent to an all white male club. Fending off the progress of people outside their tent with manipulated power, favoritism, and a solidified racially white patriarchal society.

Trump has managed to convince those at the lower end of the societal ladder that he is their champion. His followers accept the lies. They accept his explanations for policies that hurt them badly. The authoritarianism in the air is palpable. The misinformation knows no limits. The false promises transfer wealth to those who already have more than enough. And still the cheers and adoration and taunts continue.

For many of us the outrage is real. What is justice is real. But a con artist does not care. He only looks to further the con. He only accepts what is in the best interest of him and his inner circle. Trump would be unable to pull this incredible scam off if he did not have a political party without principles backing him up without question. No action is too extreme. No policy too harsh. No amount of embezzlement too big. Power is the only thing of importance.

Our country is isolated and losing its standing in the world. It has taken greed to lofty heights and human rights to its lowest ebb.

We are living in dark times. The demise of American culture will not be the result of foreign invasion, it will be because of the erosion of our deepest beliefs….the fearmongering regarding our diversity…. and the ever growing and accelerating gap between the haves and have nots.

This age of Trumpism is an ugly repudiation of core American values. It is a hierarchy which does not include everyone in the promise of America. It is a society of white male privilege and supremacy hidden under a guise of false grievance. There are distant rumblings of people rejecting this false America. But fighting through all the obstacles being set in their path is a daunting task.

Somewhere out there the tide will turn. I hope it begins on November 6th.

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