Word of the Day ~ Calumny (and How GOP Tax Cuts are fueling Minnesota attack ads)

Word of the Day : calumny
1 : a misrepresentation intended to harm another’s reputation

2 : the act of uttering false charges or misrepresentations — maliciously calculated to harm another’s reputation

Used in a sentence :
The Congressional Leadership Fund has launched a continuous series of calumnies at Dan Feehan, Angie Craig, Dean Phillips and Joe Radanovich.

Have you seen those television commercials “educating” Minnesota voters ?
How can you miss them ?
The current tally is that outside groups have spent :
$1.8 million opposing Dan Feehan in MN01
$1.1 million opposing Angie Craig in MN02
$2.8 million opposing Dean Phillips in MN03
$2.8 million opposing Joe Radinovich in MN08

The most recent one from the Congressional Leadership Fund is running in Minnesota’s First District.
“America’s economy is booming. Dan Feehan and Nancy Pelosi would take us backward,” the narrator says. “To them, Minnesota is fly-over country.” The ad knocks Feehan for opposing the GOP tax overhaul, which it calls simply, “the middle-class tax cut.”

FunFact : Feehan has said he would oppose Nancy Pelosi for speaker should he be elected to Congress, but that doesn’t matter … the objective is misrepresentations — maliciously calculated to harm another’s reputation … and victory for Jim Hagedorn.
Thus the Word of the Day : calumny

The obvious question should be … WHO is paying for these ads ?

Well, as City Pages reported in a story headlined “How corruption works in America”. Sheldon Adelson, Paul Ryan, and Norm Coleman meet in a Las Vegas hotel … during which the Congressional Leadership Fund receives a check “for $30 million from a billionaire, helping a guy who buys his way to what he wants wield power in dozens of Congressional districts, and over millions of lives.”

WHY would someone write a $30 Million Dollar check ?

How about as a Thank You for a tax cut ?

in December, Las Vegas Sands recorded a benefit from the new law the company estimated at $1.2 billion.

The Adelson family owns 55 percent of Las Vegas Sands, which is publicly traded, according to filings. The Treasury Department didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Now as Trump and the Republican Party face a reckoning in the midterm elections in November, they have once again turned to Adelson. He has given at least $55 million so far.

Why are these Democrats being targeted ?

Well, how about because they have all signed a letter denouncing “the corrosive role money and special interests have played in shaking the American people’s faith in the system” [highlights below].

We hear day in and day out that special interests are drowning out the voices of everyday citizens – to the point where many Americans no longer believe their votes even count.

We are committed to:

Limiting the influence of big donors on campaigns, quashing the political influence, real or perceived, special interests currently have in our government and providing incentives for donors to make small contributions to federal candidates;
Finally requiring genuine accountability through disclosure of all political spending and ensuring foreign money has no way of influencing our elections;
Shutting the revolving door between elected officials and the professional, special-interest lobbying industry;
Strengthening congressional ethics laws and their enforcement, including the adoption of harsher penalties for breaking the law and betraying the public trust;
Ending the imbalanced and divisive practice of political gerrymandering that currently allows the undemocratic practice of politicians picking their voters, rather than ensuring that voters pick their representatives; and
Removing, once and for all, the deliberate and partisan barriers that prohibit millions of Americans from freely and fairly exercising their right to vote.

Will the Adelson-Coleman-Ryan calumnies work ?
Well, that depends if you think “the middle-class tax cut” includes billionaires who are willing to a write check for $30 million dollars isn’t a problem.
Obviously, the intended recipients have no problem letting the billionaires promote Jim Hagedorn, Jason Lewis, Erik Paulsen and Pete Stauber to ensure that the “Best Congress Money Can Buy” stays in power.
Then again, may be you have seen this type of commercial before … and agree that it’s time to shift the balance of power away from the billionaires and back to representatives of working families.