MN03 : Erik Paulsen Ignores Pleas to Protect ANWR

Did you catch Congressman Erik Paulsen’s first television ad promoting his support for protect “Mother Earth” (well, at least the Boundary Waters) ?

Ya gotta wonder if the good folks at Alaska Wilderness Action saw that and thought for sure that he would respond favorably to their request

Alaska Wilderness Action has launched its first ever Arctic National Wildlife Refuge pledge campaign, asking congressional candidates to take a strong stance for this cherished wilderness, its incomparable wildlife, and the indigenous people who depend on this land for their subsistence and way of life. As they seek the support of voters for election (or reelection) to Congress, Alaska Wilderness Action has asked candidates in Minnesota’s 3rd District to pledge to restore protections for the Arctic Refuge and oppose efforts to advance oil and gas leasing and drilling in this national treasure.

The Arctic Refuge is one of the finest examples of wilderness remaining anywhere in the world. It is one of our nation’s most majestic places, home to the Porcupine caribou herd, threatened polar bears, wolves, muskoxen, Dall sheep, arctic foxes and nearly 200 species of migratory birds that migrate to six continents and all 50 states.

A large majority of American voters (70%) opposes drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and polling of likely voters conducted in 20 swing congressional districts (including Minnesota Congressional District 03) and released in June 2018 found that voters in those districts opposed drilling in the Arctic Refuge by a 64-32 margin.

Surely, this would be a no-brainer … after all, Congressman Paulsen has called the Boundary Waters “Minnesota’s Yellowstone” and has opposed the Trump administration plan to push sulfide mining there.
The Paulsen campaign commercial reminds voters his decision to break from the party line as being “about doing the right thing”.

The Alaska Wilderness Action saw this “an opportunity for Rep. Paulsen to signal his commitment to restoring protections for this iconic national treasure. It’s a chance to reject policies that favor the oil and gas industry above our national heritage, and to speak out in favor of a more sensible approach to meeting our energy needs.”

The Alaska Wilderness Action also made its request to Congressman Paulsen’s challenger … Dean Phillips.

Dean Phillips signed the pledge

To date, other candidates who have signed the pledge :
AZ02 Ann Kirkpatrick
CA38 Gil Cisneros
CA48 Harley Rouda
CA49 Mike Levin
CO06 Jason Crow
FL26 Debbie Mucarsel-Powell
NY21 Tedra Cobb
WA08 Dr. Kim Schrier
NOTE : It appears that group targeted those districts where candidates expressed support for protecting the environment — which Congressman Paulsen did. Thus not every district or candidate was asked … just those that the Alaska Wilderness Action thought would respond favorably.

Congressman Paulsen has discussed ANWR before … promoting his stance on the June 16, 2017 edition of the Paulsen Correspondence Corner (which was examined on the MN Political Roundtable [hint If you thought that Congressman Paulsen would follow party orders, you are correct. Remember that Big Oil has contributed over $35 million to Republicans this cycle.])

The Paulsen campaign commercial has been evaluated by various groups who have raised questions about its deceptiveness.
Here’s one thing that is factual … Erik Paulsen has had over a year to join 68 of his colleagues as a sponsor of H.R.1784 – Stop Arctic Ocean Drilling Act of 2017 … and over four months to join 74 of his colleagues as a sponsor of H.R.5911 – Arctic Cultural and Coastal Plain Protection Act … sadly he has not.
With over $120,000 in contributions from the oil and gas industry, Congressman Paulsen responds to those that come with campaign cash … not petitions.

The Paulsen campaign commercial is just another example of the Paulsen Disinformation Campaign.

There are numerous examples in which Congressman Paulsen says something that sounds encouraging … but then fails to follow through with action; hence the frequent attachment of #VotesNotQuotes as a response to his tweets.

Minnesota’s Third District deserves someone who does not just sound like he wants a better world, but someone who will work to enact legislation.

Change is coming to MN03.