The Results for Lying

Trump lies. I know this is nothing new, but we seem to fail to understand the consequences of that. We have become desensitized to it. Trump lies. No big deal anymore.

But it is a big deal. The President speaks for us. (at least in theory). And when the words of the President are not true, what good is the word of the United States. What good are alliances. What good are treaties. What good is our reputation.

The media has settled into a fact checking mechanism that now calls out what is not true. But is that enough? Shouldn’t the President be pressed to acknowledge the facts as they are? His narrative is meant to always fit the means to make him look better. Even if it means fabricating everything.

Trump says, “I always TRY to tell the truth.” That is not good enough. He needs to be more mindful of what is historically true. Mindful of consequences. Mindful of what is best for the American people. Trying isn’t good enough because frankly, he is not trying very hard.

Truth has been collateral damage of this administration. We can’t accept what is said anymore – we have to look for verification. That should not have to be.

Trump is a prime example of a damaged Presidency. And his words do matter.

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