KSTP Poll Says One Thing BUT

Two undeniable facts :
Today is Election Day.
And tomorrow, Donald Trump will still be president.

A few more undeniable facts :
When Minnesota voters went to the polls during the first week of November 2016, they were paying $2.048 per gallon for gasoline.
And this year, the price is $2.683 per gallon.

U.S. soybean sales to China — “the largest market for one of America’s largest exports” — are down 94% from last year’s harvest, as retaliatory tariffs stemming from President Trump’s trade war have Chinese consumers turning to less-expensive trading partners.
And Trump has authorized $12 Billion payment to farmers to help defray the cost of his “easy to win” trade war.

Jason Lewis would complain about Obama’s jobs record:
“Despite what the President contends, our State of the Union is not good. Just a few days ago the BLS (Dept. of Labor) released the December civilian labor force participation rate. As you can see from the graph, only 62.6% of the civilian labor force is working–a statistic not seen since the malaise of the Jimmy Carter years.”
In October, the labor force participation rate was 62.9 percent while showing little change over the year … and Congressman Lewis praises Trump.

President Trump is focused on a caravan of refugees that are walking across Mexico to apply for asylum in America as the Trump Administration has moved to expel 300,000 Central Americans & Haitians living and working legally in America and set April 2019 to end refugee status for Liberians.

As a direct result of Smarter Solutions for Students Act, Student Loan Interest Rates have changed.
3.56% was the undergraduate rate in 2016; is 5.05% for 2018 and expected to increase next year with higher US Treasury rates.

OK …. so we are paying more for goods, interest rates are rising, and we are living in a chaotic world led by President Trump.

In the backdrop to those facts, a recent KSTP Survey USA poll revealed some interesting impressions from Minnesotans.
Which makes one wonder if people will vote based on their thoughts on the issues … or vote in reaction to some slick attack ad ?

The poll reveals :
Minnesotans disagree with Donald Trump’s policies on immigration by a 47% to 42% margin with 11% unsure.
Minnesotans disagree with Donald Trump’s policies on taxes by a 44% to 39% margin with 17% unsure.
Minnesotans disagree with Donald Trump’s policies on foreign relations by a 50% to 34% margin with 16% unsure.
Minnesotans disagree with Donald Trump’s policies on tariffs by a 53% to 29% margin with 17% unsure.
Minnesotans disagree with Donald Trump’s policies on healthcare.
46% want to keep the Affordable Care Act and make changes to improve it.
26% want to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with private-market options
14% want to create a “single-payer” health insurance program with more government involvement.
15% were unsure.

These are some big issues … so will voters select candidates who match those views ?

Which leads to an interesting question :
Does the survey indicate that voters will elect Karin Housley, Jim Newberger, Pete Stauber, Jim Hagedorn, Erik Paulsen, Jason Lewis, et al to represent them during the second half of President Trump’s term ?

Another question the survey asked :
Do you approve of disapprove of the job Minnesota Senators are doing ?
For both Amy Klobuchar and Tina Smith, the percentage of people who disapprove is essentially the same … 26% for Klobuchar and 27% for Smith. Yet, Klobuchar’s approval rating is higher at 57% versus 40% for Smith as people just say they don’t know Smith’s record.
That’s a little confusing … since they are both pushing the same issues and consistently vote the same way.
Add to that, Trump’s disapproval rating is 50% with an approval rating of only 41%.

Which really leads to the basic question … if Minnesotans are going to re-elect Senators Klobuchar and Smith and the nation is trending to reject maintaining the House of Representatives in the control of Republicans, why would anyone want to vote for Pete Stauber, Jim Hagedorn, et al to be in the minority ?

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