I No Longer Want Trump Impeached

Democrats had a big win on Tuesday…and it just keeps getting better. Even the losses were so close that the Republicans are frantic about holding them.

But that has brought me full circle on Trump. I no longer want him impeached. He is the Democratic ticket back to power.

The insane reaction to the thumping his Party took on Tuesday is vintage Trump. He still tried to claim victory. He criticized the Republicans who lost for not embracing him more. He is totally clueless on expanding the Republican tent. It is obvious that his rhetoric and attitude will continue to shrink it. And still, Republicans embrace him – even though their ranks keep depleting.

So, with the Democrats in charge of the House in January, we now have that all important check on Trump. Unfortunately, the map was just too negative for Democrats to retake the Senate, but they are now strategically well positioned for 2020. And if Trump runs again, and I imagine he will, the election will be even more favorable for Democrats once again.

And I would encourage Democrats to not even make Trump a campaign issue. Run on your values. Run on your bread and butter issues. Trump will find another caravan to embrace or some ridiculous immigration nonsense to yell about, or continue his “build the wall” meme. All I can say about that is, Oh, Please do, Mr. President.

A clueless Minnesota GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan tells us she is convinced that Trump can build on the gains he made in Minnesota 2016. Really? Did you notice the election results? Not a single statewide win – only two very close Congressional seats that will go back to the Democrats in 2020 with Trump at the top of the ticket….and a reversal of control in the MN House, with a Democratic Governor. Trump is going to reverse all that and build on 2016? Delusional? But please, by all means, keep thinking that way. Embracing a deeply unpopular President in Minnesota is just the ticket for Democrats.

Yes, we will probably have to endure two years of gridlock. Democrats will work to pass legislation in the House, only to have it stalled in the Senate or vetoed by Trump. But the committees will have an investigative voice. They can expose more of the corruption in this administration. Hopefully, they will be careful to use moderation in this matter, because too much of it could get tiresome for the American people, even though there are unlimited opportunities of things to investigate. The number one priority is to protect the Mueller investigation. That will take care of itself if allowed to proceed.

Yes, Trump has already done enough to warrant impeachment – but after the election something else has become more important. He, and his ideas, must be humiliated at the ballot box. All of it needs to be repudiated in the most democratic of terms….a landslide election.


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