C’mon Mueller – Indict Already

It hasn’t been two years yet and already I am suffering from Trump fatigue. The constant stupid tweets. The incessant trade wars. The drone of insults for everybody. Each and every day there is something new. And I suspect Robert Mueller has been overwhelmed with the crimes and conspiracies. But where will it end? How much longer can we continue this daily threat to normal and proper decorum?

I am exhausted. If it isn’t Trump, it is the rest of the Republican Party. The power grabs are insane. From McConnell stacking the Supreme Court, to Wisconsin handcuffing the duly elected Democratic Governor, to North Carolina cheating on ballots. What the hell is going on?

My outrage keeps building. And still, it has only been two years. Two years of full Republican government. Even in Minnesota – a usual bastion of normal – Republicans controlled both Houses, with only our goalie, Dayton, there to stop it. And seriously, is our state better for it? Minnesota’s growing health care coverages stopped. A stop gap Republican reinsurance program is now getting Fed funding blocked. Delays on Southwest rail have skyrocketed costs. A growing urban/rural divide encouraged by GOP rhetoric…while benefits of broadband and new infrastructure for rural constituents, proposed by Democrats, get met with blocks and delays from the GOP.

Nationally it is worse. In what should have been a continuing prosperity, Republicans insisted on massive deficit producing and national debt increasing tax cuts and Trump goes crazy with being Tariff Man. What the hell? The administration promised to drain the swamp but the reality is that the swamp is expanding, not shrinking. Corruption is so rampant that we can’t keep up with the number of scandals. We have grown immune to the tax payer money grabs. It is awful. Disgusting. Outrageous. Atrocious.  Appalling. Heinous…..I search for more adjectives, but there are just not enough of them to satisfy the descriptions.

I listen to Rachel, who covers the Mueller investigation the best, and start to zone out. The constant growth of crimes is staggering. I have started to call this the Trump Syndicate because it has more the feel of organized crime than actual politics. Money laundering…how many Presidents have ever been accused of money laundering? He cheated on the election. How is that even a thing in America? He colluded with the Russians (despite his denials, it becomes ever clearer) to undermine our electoral process. The Russians? What the hell? And it looks like he did it just for the money. How petty and insulting. And he continues to divide our nation along every fault line he can find. He doesn’t even try to bring people together. He says it one day and hours later is insulting the next person for the pettiest of reasons. It is ugly.

I thought George W. Bush was a big problem. But now that I have seen Donald Trump, W looks like a saint. He had terrible policies, but he didn’t denigrate all of our institutions. He accepted the courts. He had empathy for storm victims even if he failed in the help they needed. At least he tried. With Trump there is no try. There is only fail.

As I spell this out, I find it is not therapeutic. It isn’t helping. It only makes me more outraged.

Mueller, we need something. Anything. We know you probably have a hundred indictments pending. Show us a few. We need it. Bad.

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