Will Congress Forego Bonus Payments During Trump Shutdown ?

President Donald J. Trump has promised to “take the mantle” and be “proud” for funding lapses during the latest government shutdown.

And that funding lapse has caused some “image” concern in the political class.

And as in the past, some Members are already alerting their constituents that they are requesting that their pay be withheld.

It’s a clever way of saying that they too will feel the pain as the furloughed workers feel (as well as those who are presently working without pay.)

“withheld” does not mean foregone … it just means delayed. Unlike other government functions, the legislative branch was one of the first ones funded for FY2019 … while other functions like the Coast Guard is feeling the impact and cannot voluntarily ask for their pay to be “withheld” … Congressional inaction did that for them.

The Coast Guard plays an invaluable role in stopping drug trafficking, protecting our ports and maritime transit, and of course saving lives. Unfortunately, the House never voted on H.R. 2518 The Coast Guard Authorization Act which authorizes funding for the Coast Guard for Fiscal Years 2018 and 2019 … even though it had been waiting since June 26, 2017.

But to listen to Dave Joyce (R-OH-14), who asked his pay be withheld, ya gotta wonder how this could have happened

My colleagues & I on the Approps Cmte worked hard this year to fully fund the govt, passing all 12 approps bills so they could get to the House Floor for a vote & to @POTUS‘ desk on time. 5 are already law, funding our military, health services & other critical govt programs. 1/3— Dave Joyce (@RepDaveJoyce) December 22, 2018

Sadly, despite several opportunities earlier this year to fund the remainder of the govt, many of my colleagues decided to play politics instead of putting their constituents first. Americans across the country are now paying the price for their choice. 2/3
— Dave Joyce (@RepDaveJoyce) December 22, 2018

With the deflection offered by Congressman Joyce, ya gotta blame his other colleagues who “decided to play politics” … and certainly not President Trump.

What Congressman Joyce and others have failed to mention is that the Senate did pass a continuing resolution, so as to avoid this problem. They also fail to mention that Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi requested a vote on the Senate approved solution … but that was rejected when all Republicans including Dave Joyce, voted against her motion https://t.co/tN7A37nGNT

This failure clearly belongs on House Republicans (and President Trump) … and the hardship falls on the estimated 42,000 Coast Guard employees, and other unpaid government workers.

That said, some government workers may actually be getting bonuses.

As previously noted http://mnpoliticalroundtable.com/2018/12/07/taxpayer-money-or-erik-paulsen-christmas-gifts/   Members of Congress saw their own budgets increased … for example, $100,000 in their Members’ Representational Allowance (MRA). As noted, it is not uncommon for Members to give year end bonuses to their staff … $6,000 … $8,000 … even $14,000.

Taxpayers won’t know how much was given until April or May … but the MN Political Roundtable will be watching.