After Trump Shutdown costs the United States economy $11 billion, MN08 Stauber wants to Empower the “Imperial President” with more Tariff Authority

I miss John Kline … well sorta … don’t get me wrong Angie Craig is a vast improvement … but sometimes Kline would say thing that just made sense.

Take shutdowns … remember when Kline said

Minnesotans don’t want a government shutdown. I’ll continue to fight on their behalf and call on the Senate to join us in putting principle ahead of politics and help us restore confidence in our economy.”

Representative Kline was firm that he would advocate “legislation that insists on plan to fund the government running”.

John Kline was also concerned about that President Obama was exerting power without Congressional approval

this is a terrible overreach of the executive branch, it’s sort of resurrecting the old, the old idea of an imperial presidency, where the president says ‘Congress is not getting it done, so I’m going to do it’.”

Yeah, Kline sided with the Republican leadership, but ya gotta admit that his observations were correct — take the politics out … and put confidence in.

I also miss Rick Nolan … a lot …

Not only did Nolan author legislation to address shutdowns ( No Government No Pay Act) and to prevent Members of Congress making phone calls to raise political funds (The STOP Act) but he was concerned about trade deals

“After years of secret negotiations by foreign governments, multi-national corporations and their wealthy lobbyists, the public release of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement reaffirms what the American people have long feared, and what those of us who have seen it already know: The TPP is terrible, job-killing public policy.”

Yep, Rick Nolan has now retired and Pete Stauber has replaced him as the supposed “Representative” of Minnesota’s Eighth District.

” Supposed ‘Representative’ ” because he appears to be a merely a Representative of Donald Trump.

Just like Trump did after his inauguration moving quickly into fund-raising mode for 2020, so has Pete Stauber

On January 15th, Stauber fundraising emails went out that said, “I’ve been working for you in Congress for just under two weeks now, and the Democrats are already out to get me.”

In the midst of the 35 day Trump Shutdown, “Representative” Pete Stauber visited President Trump for a little lovefest

THE PRESIDENT:  Mister great hockey player, congratulations on your victory.  We worked hard, right?

REPRESENTATIVE STAUBER:  Thank you, Mr. President.

THE PRESIDENT:  That was a great job.  Great job.  Thank you.

REPRESENTATIVE STAUBER:  We appreciate your support.

THE PRESIDENT:  Thank you very much.  Congratulations.

So thank you all very much.  I appreciate it.  Thank you.

Beyond the congratulatory praising, “Representative” Stauber was there to assure the President that he is pushing hard to empower the Executive Branch with greater tariff authority through his bill — H.R. 764 U.S. Reciprocal Trade Act.

Thus, far HR 764 has 20 sponsors … all members of the Party-of-Trump.

Not even all Republicans agree that this is a good bill as H.R. 723, the Global Trade Accountability Act, was introduced by Congressman Warren Davidson, Republican-Ohio-08. Davidson’s bill has ten cosponsors and would subject the executive branch trade restrictions such as tariffs, duties, and quotas to congressional approval and thus “restore congressional responsibility for reinforcing, improving, and approving trade policy.”

Somehow, the fact that the Congressional Budget Office has determined that the Trump shutdown of the federal government cost the US economy $11 billion, and as farmers, businesses and consumers are feeling the impact of the self-described “Tariff King”,  Stauber wants to empower a President whose administration has been dominated by self-serving officials like Tom Price, Scott Pruitt, Ben Carson, Ryan Zinke, Wilbur Ross, etc.

(ICYMI Harley-Davidson just announced that their earnings per share on a GAAP basis were zero in the fourth quarter …. and that for 2019, Harley plans to ship between 217,000 and 220,000 motorcycles. The midpoint of that forecast would be the lowest shipments for the company since 2010.)

The Stauber-backed bill is enormously flawed and should be a nonstarter for myriad reasons as explained by Cliff Packard in There Is No Need to Give Trump New Tariff Powers

Let’s be honest here … this is a Trump bill designed to please only one person — Donald Trump. Stauber’s bill would grant this authority for three years, with a possible three-year extension if the president requests it … thus it empowers President Trump but not necessarily his successors. Very clever !

Pete Stauber ran a campaign featuring the hashtag #Pete4Jobs … it appears that Job1 is pleasing the #PartyOfTrump and it’s leader Donald Trump.