Constitutional Crisis

We have entered the doorway of a Constitutional crisis and we have to confront this directly. The constant push against norms that Trump does every single day grows tiresome – but his envelope pushing is now moving into crisis territory.

Consider this. If any President feels strongly about getting something that he or she feels is important, the Trump administration is experimenting with, in essence, doing away with Article 2 and shuffling money around in any manner chosen to meet a declared artificial crisis.

This would curl the Founders hair even without the wigs.

What is a national emergency? Frankly, I am not sure it has been fully defined. But I think we are about to see how the courts interpret it and with the current make up of the Supreme Court, I shudder at the possibilities.

In addition to this new crisis – we are still figuring out how far a President can go with the war powers act. The language in the Constitution is clear – only Congress can declare war. But with events transpiring quickly in regards to the national interest, Congress has been giving more and more latitude to any President regarding this need. But Trump seems to think of these things as loopholes he can exploit. And with Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq keeping our troops busy, what would happen if Trump just threw out another imaginary attack (say Iran), and committed us to another conflict.

The Trump Presidency has put a lot of pressure on Constitutional issues. He ignores Congress on Russian sanctions. He issues sweeping executive orders without regard for potential court conflicts. He calls anyone who disagrees with his “ideas” a threat to the nation. And he caters to dictators at the expense of our allies.

And what is even more troubling, the Republican Party, the party of Lincoln, the party of defense, the party of limited government, the self declared party of (ahem) social “values”, has let Trump trample all over their ideology. He has crossed every red line that used to be the places you could not cross in the GOP.

Fortunately, the Democratic takeover of the House has put at least one check on this mockery of our Constitution. But Trump is still attempting to bypass that check with the belief that he can just do it because of a belief that an American President is all powerful.

This is a Republic. The will of the people through its Representatives should be the final authority. But a certain portion of our people do not wish to be fully informed. They mistrust the media information rather than the speculation and factual lies of our President.

We still have a Constitution. We still have the path given to us by the Founders of our Country. But it still needs to be defended. It still needs brave people to stand firm.

We are only at the beginning of this Constitutional crisis. It may go on for some time. Be vigilant. Be watchful. And stay informed.

This country is not run by a dictator…..yet.

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