It’s This Simple

People are reacting to the Attorney General’s summary of the Mueller report with various responses. Republicans and Trump are exuberant and believe it has suggested he did nothing wrong. Democrats are somewhat perplexed and want more information. As they fight it out in future weeks, I will simply share what I know as an average citizen.

Donald Trump asked Russia to investigate Hillary Clinton’s emails. Shortly thereafter, WikiLeaks and others revealed emails from Democrats that were damaging. And there is little doubt that Russia interfered in the election by publishing inflammatory information on social media. And James Comey, head of the FBI, reopened the investigation into the Clinton emails. All of that certainly had an impact on the election outcome.
The more critical question to ask is: why would Vladimir Putin and Russia want Donald Trump elected president? Since they are our enemy, one would assume they wanted Trump because he would do damage to the United States…both economically and internationally. And they got their wish. He has alienated the Arab world, the nations of Africa, and our own allies in NATO. He has opened economic opportunities in many parts of the world, to be exploited by China and Russia, and has sided with Russia in Syria, supporting Assad. So, he has done everything Russia had hoped would happen (besides promoting a racial and political divide in the country).

The more critical question is: does Russia have something on Trump, or connections with Trump, that would make Americans concerned. Of course. That is why he has refused to release his taxes. He is hiding something….very harmful to him. Every presidential candidate in modern history has released their taxes. Trump still refuses, even after he said he would when the “audit” was completed.

So, until I see Trump’s tax returns, I won’t conclude that he is exonerated or free from any charges of collusion or obstruction. I know there was a meeting with Russians in Trump Tower and I know he fired Comey and harassed Attorney General Sessions over the investigation of collusion and interference. I know that many of his campaign staff lied and are going to jail, and more than 30 people have been indicted over this situation.
All these facts, plus his absolutely disgusting behavior as a human being (insulting, denigrating, and criticizing people; calling the Pope “disgraceful” and boasting that he likes to grab women; having open affairs and paying porn stars to not reveal their interactions), make me concerned about my country and the world. I do hope this disaster will end someday. It is tiring and detracts from all the other important issues of the day.

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