Apology, My Ass!

The Mueller Report found no collusion by Trump or his campaign with Russia. And now, we in the Resistance, are supposed to apologize to Trump.

Apology, my ass.

The suspicion of collusion was just one of a myriad of things that Trump throws in our face. The report may not have found convincing evidence, but we were absolutely right to be suspicious. Especially on such a serious matter.

After all, there have been so many Trump associates with contacts with Russian operatives and officials….. Jeff Sessions, Michael Flynn, Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort,  George Papadapolous, Carter Page, Felix Sater, Donald Trump Jr, and Roger Stone… all had Russian affiliatons and almost all of them lied about it even happening.

Now we are left to wonder…..Why lie?

If there was no cooperation or collusion, why this incredible number of contacts during a Presidential campaign?

And then there is the Trump behavior. Never, ever a cross word about Vladimir Putin…to this day. Relationships with Russia “would be a good thing”. A Russian spy infiltrates the NRA. Suddenly $30 million gets spent for Trump via the NRA. Trump claims to “love Wikileaks”. And Wikileaks has all of the Russian stolen e-mails ready to weaponize.  Then, “Russia, if you are listening, I hope you’re able to find the (Clinton)30,000 emails that are missing.” Oh, that is not the least bit suspicious right? All of it, in total, looks like a classic Russian intervention. Mueller says, Trump did not collude. Well, he knew about it and he sure as hell didn’t stop it.

Apology for thinking there was something wrong here? Apology, my ass!

And while we were all consumed by this shady Russia related behavior, Trump’s cabinet is having a corruption fest. Nearly everyone in every department posed a problem. From Ben Carson incompetence to Scott Pruitt monetizing his position – there was not a single quality appointment in the Trump orbit. And does Trump drain his own swamp? Hell no! He lets all of them maximize what they can get until public pressure finally forces them out.

Apology, my ass!

And what about the 16 other investigations going on as we speak. Should we apologize in advance for those? Financial fraud, money laundering, charity fraud, real estate fraud, bank fraud, tax evasion, campaign finance corruption, mistress payoffs….really?

Apologize? My ass!

And then there is the tariffs killing off family farms, there is the tax cuts which only applied to the wealthiest of the wealthy and corporations, there is the gutting of the EPA, the slow destruction of the education department, a Housing and Urban Development department doing absolutely nothing but letting Ben Carson buy furniture, there is the Inaugural Committee that has no accounting of a record money haul, there is this President who has a hotel in a government owned building who profits every time a foreign dignitary decides to stay there. It is endless.

And just because Robert Mueller did not find enough evidence to catch the Trump campaign directly dealing with the Russians we are supposed to apologize. All of this while this unreleased, stonewalled report has evidence of obstruction which states -“neither does it exonerate him”. After all that, we should apologize?

Apologize, my ass!  End of sentence.

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