If You Are A “Real” Republican, Why Do You Support Trump?

Listen up Republicans. I have some questions for you.

The Republicans I used to know, long ago, would never support Trump. Never. I don’t care what you call yourselves – Reagan Republican, Lincoln Republican, Libertarian Republican, Small Government Republican, Conservative…whatever. Trump is none of those. So why are you still supporting this cancer on democracy?

I am a liberal Democrat and I don’t mind a debate on what is the best way to govern in America. I try to understand the other side. I listen and look for the logic. But when it comes to Trump, there is no debate. Any Republican that is worth their salt, should be screaming at the top of their lungs for a change.

As a Republican, do you like Trump’s trade policies? Do you suddenly like tariffs? Have you abandoned free trade? If you support Trump on trade, then you have altered the Republican dogma of 4 decades. What the hell is that?

I assume that as Republicans, you agree with Trump regarding his massive tax cuts. But the spending? Really? Billions for a wall. Who are we kidding here?  Maybe you like the increased military spending, but really, at this level? What kind of fiscal responsibility are we being sold here? It wasn’t too long ago that the idea of increasing the debt was considered a dire consequence by the so called fiscally responsible party. You would run Democrats into the ground over such irresponsible budgeting – but here you are, supporting and ever increasing deficit with no end in sight.

And let’s try foreign policy. Maybe you agree with him on Israel, but Russia? Poland? And, good gravy, Saudi Arabia? How the hell can a self respecting Republican accept this coziness with Saudi leadership? And then there is North Korea. Any Republican I ever knew would never allow a brutal dictator like Kim get the time of day. Trump is letting him off the hook. He is vouching for him on the world stage. And what have we gotten in return? Just more deceit and military build up. And then there is NATO – is the Trump treatment of NATO supposed to be a continuation of any kind of Reagan legacy? What kind of self respecting Republican are you characters?

And let’s call out the evangelical Republicans in particular. What kind of social values are we catering to here. Trump is a serial women’s harasser. He claims Christianity without knowing much about it. Seldom goes to church. Has had 3 wives and the language of a drunken sailor. You really think that getting anti-abortion judges is worth this devil’s bargain? Incarcerating children at the border. Xenophobic behavior. Islamophobic behavior. White supremacist tendencies. Taunts his enemies. Threatens opponents. There is not a single social value he won’t throw under the bus to get more money and more publicity.

I know that you could never vote for a Democrat in an election. So be it. But why vote for Trump? He isn’t a Republican. He’s a menace. Vote straight ticket if you must for everything below President. But take back your Party and remove the orange one at the top. Vote for a third Party. Vote Libertarian. Vote Constitution Party. But end this Faustian alliance with Trump. Let’s get back to normal debates about issues we all care about.  Take back your Party – Trump must go.

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