Mary Kiffmeyer – the Anti Senator

Senator Mary Kiffmeyer is really not a legislator or a Senator. She is just an opposer. It is almost hard to believe that once upon a time she was Minnesota’s Secretary of State. Hard to believe that she once oversaw our state elections, because she is not pro-voting, she is for restrictive voting.

Somehow, Mary Kiffmeyer believes that she, alone, knows what is best for the State of Minnesota. And it is not just in regards to voting…. now she believes she is the historical police. Punishing the Minnesota Historical Society because they had the audacity to recognize native American existence prior to Fort Snelling.

With all the important things that our legislature is facing, why is Mary Kiffmeyer venting her wrath on things so basic?

One thing that the Mueller Report was very clear about is that the Russian government interfered in our 2016 election. We even have a mention that Russian hackers penetrated a Florida county’s voting data. Do Republicans really feel that this is something they can ignore? Apparently that is the case. The Federal government did set aside money for every state to use for beefing up election security. Every state has utilized the full amount of that appropriation, except one. Minnesota.

The Minnesota Senate has authorized a fraction of that money to give to Secretary of State Steve Simon for election protections. A fraction! What the hell is going on here? Mary Kiffmeyer chairs the committee that would make that authorization but feels compelled to make some weird argument about provisional ballots.

She seems to be more afraid that students and apartment dwellers might have a better chance to vote on election day rather than release money that protects us from foreign intervention.

It boggles the mind that Republicans rant and rave about election fraud in the booth, but think nothing of hacks to state election data. Something is seriously wrong with that.

But elections are not the only thing that Mary Kiffmeyer has decided to mess around with. The Historical Society made a small change to the Fort Snelling sign to note that the Fort sits on land that once was a Native American land site known as Bdote. Nothing big – just a notation. Yet, Senator Kiffmeyer is incensed about it. I don’t know if she is questioning whether Native Americans existed in Minnesota or if she just doesn’t want us to know that; but it is an historical fact and a simple sign noting that does not seem out of line. At least to the average person.

Kiffmeyer was not only enraged about this, but she abused her power as a Senator and punished the historical society – wiping out a large portion of their budget for vindictive purposes.

In my opinion, she should be removed from office for this. It is clearly an abuse of power and the state of Minnesota should not stand for it.

We have a problem with this Republican majority in the Minnesota Senate. They are 1/3 of the legislative workings for our state, but they are blocking 90% of legislation and stalling us into another special session. They were not even on the ballot in 2016, but seem to believe that they have some kind of phantom mandate to block the 2016 elected Democrats from doing what they proposed during that campaign.

I would hope that there is an outcry over these abuses. And that the outcry crescendos into a 2020 change in power via the Grand Obstruction Party in the Senate.

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