A Cancer on the Presidency

Donald Trump is an exasperating person to watch.

The criminality is breath taking and no one does anything about it.

Yesterday, Trump said he would be willing to take help from a foreign country if they could help his campaign. He said that out loud and unapologetically.  It is illegal. Whether or not he understands that is irrelevant. It is still illegal. And when he is pressed, he just excuses himself from blame because he believes the law is dumb.

Dumb. The law is dumb, he says. But it is the law and this President has a very casual relationship with legality.

Every day I marvel at this man’s total contempt for the rule of law. Remember, the President is the nation’s chief law enforcement officer. But this seems meaningless when the President is also the nation’s chief law breaker.

His foreign policy is based on who flatters him the most. His economics is limited to trade wars. His domestic policy has no real direction. And his cabinet is a case study in corruption.

When he opens his mouth, lies are the only thing that come out. Yesterday he said that Sarah Huckabee has served him well for his “3 1/2 years”. Which is wrong, it is 2 1/2 (seems like more), but his remedial math skills are just an accepted part of his rhetoric.

I have a partisan bias – yes. But with Trump it really does go beyond partisan criticism. He says and does things that are inexcusable, disgusting,  and often illegal. Yet, nothing changes. Trump continues without consequence. It is stunning.

I remember when former President Clinton visited Loretta Lynch on a plane during the campaign and Republicans erupted. It was all biased for Hillary. It was a scandal for the ages.

But that was a time when the Justice Department wasn’t an extension of the President’s law firm. Loretta Lynch apologized and realized that it was a mistake. That didn’t stop the torrent of criticism, but she did publicly recognize the inappropriateness.

But here we are today. An Attorney General in place who defies subpoenas. Who refuses to release any documents. And uses the President’s own language as definitions in testimony. More contempt for the rule of law.

President Trump thinks their is no need for any more investigations. We should get over it. He has been “exonerated”.

But Trump is a walking question mark. There are so many unanswered questions and so many questionable activities….even today. Trump never testified for Mueller. He avoided any answers to the questions presented to him. Without that testimony it is nearly impossible to determine actual state of mind for evidentiary sake. The Mueller team could not officially indict per Justice Department rules, so without direct Trump interview evidence, he could not follow the evidence to its somewhat obvious conclusion.

Trump flounts the law and then lies about what he did. We know that. He admits to a lot of it. But he also does not care. He operates under the Nixon assertion that if the President does it, it is not illegal.

That is Trump’s personal rule of law. He cannot do anything illegal because he is the President.  Of course, rational human beings know that is not true. Our Constitution says no one is above the law. No one.

And that is why this is all so concerning and maddening. We have a corrupt President and an equally corrupt Republican Party. The GOP refuses to be a check on this President. It is all about power…corrupt power.

How much longer we can endure this “cancer on the Presidency” is anybody’s guess.