GOP Chair Jennifer Carnahan Is Addicted To The Kool-Aid

Jennifer Carnahan is the chair of the Minnesota Republican State Party. She weathered a challenge at the last convention and starts her second term. Quite a rise for a person who attended her first caucus in 2016. And she is now married to first district congressman Jim Hagedorn.

But she IS a Trumper. Hook, line and sinker. The Kool-Aid runs freely. And she seems to actually believe that Minnesota will turn red in 2020.

Her state fair announcement reads:

President Trump is Winning in Minnesota

Then she goes on…

We welcomed thousands of enthusiastic fair goers into our booth, received local/statewide and national press coverage, Former Rep. Jason Lewis announced his candidacy for United States Senate, President Trump posted on Facebook about our party and we set a new SALES RECORD with our great Republican and Trump merchandise in the booth.  

We couldn’t have asked for more positive energy, enthusiasm and excitement heading into the 2020 elections. If today was any indicator, we are on the right track!  As many visitors commented: “this is the busiest booth in the entire fair.” 

Not only is she a Trumper, she has the same hyperbolic rhetoric.

If she really, really believes that Minnesota will turn red in 2020, she almost certainly has alternative facts about it. Trump is not popular in Minnesota. He may have come close to taking Minnesota in 2016 (thanks to the Russians), but his position has not improved. He may have stranglehold control on the Minnesota Party (with a bit of underlying restlessness), but his approval rating for Minnesota in general is at a -14 right now. (Worse than Iowa and Michigan at -11) And also his 12th worst state ranking in the country.

And despite Trump coming close in 2016, the state party is at a low ebb. They still are down 5-3 in Congressional seats. Both Senators are Democrat. In fact, the MN GOP holds no state wide office whatsover; Governor, Secretary of State, Auditor, and Attorney General are all Democrats.

The Minnesota House turned over to the Democrats and the only reason they still have a 2 seat majority in the Senate is because they were not on the ballot in 2018.

The Kool Aid is strong for Ms. Carnahan….and she had better stock up. Because 2020 is going to be a very bumpy ride for the head MN Trumper.

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