This Is DUMB

by Alan Anderson

People are going crazy over the recent unbelievable actions of the President. They claim he is unraveling and is becoming unhinged. Guess what…..we were warned.

Remember Mitt Romney and Governor Pawlenty of Minnesota called Donald Trump “unhinged and unfit for the presidency.” Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and many others said he was mentally unstable. And co-writer Tony Schwartz, who helped with The Art of the Deal, said he was a true sociopath. Colin Powell said he was a “national disgrace” and an international pariah.

Well, everything he has done during his presidency has proven them correct. Remember, you have a man who defrauded many people with his Trump University, claimed he loved to grope women’s private parts, and called the Pope “disgraceful.

And now he is going crazy. He has called Mr. Biden and his son corrupt and said Biden has low level intelligence. He has said all the press are the enemy of the people….and now says he may start his own news organization to tell the “truth.” He is becoming more combative in interviews, slamming House of Representative leaders as traitors, suggesting some should resign. He calls the impeachment proceedings another witch hunt and claims the country will enter civil war if he is removed from office.

He was endorsed by Vladimir Putin, president of our greatest enemy. He praised Putin as being a better leader than President Obama. Why would Putin want Trump to be our president? Because he wants to destroy the United States.

Now, after almost three years in office, he has managed to become deranged. He has falsely claimed he won the popular vote because more than 3 million illegal immigrants cast votes for Hillary Clinton (who beat him by almost 3 million in the popular vote). He saw bigger crowds at his inauguration than the pictures of Barack Obama’s inauguration. He is still not sure Russia interfered in the election. And recently he claimed the Revolutionary Army cleared the airports. Right airports in 1776. And he claimed he had an historic victory, beating Hillary Clinton with 306 votes. He said it was the greatest electoral victory since Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately, he really only got 304 votes, and wins by George H. W Bush, Clinton, and Obama all were greater than 304.

And the disaster continues. His Chief advisor on the Security Council, General Flynn, had contact with the Russian government while President Obama was implementing sanctions because of the election hacking. He has filled his cabinet with billionaires, military personnel, and family member advisors (Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump). And he still has many unfilled positions in his executive branch that need attention. And now it appears he tried to pressure the president of Ukraine to investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden and son, in exchange for receiving military equipment and support.

Never has the presidency been in such turmoil and been run by an obvious sociopath and idiot. And we still haven’t seen his taxes. So, he may well have serious ties to Russia and other foreign countries. Besides the current craziness, he may even be a traitor.

Clearly, we are observing a DUMB Mr. Trump. That stands for Donald is Undergoing a Mental Breakdown. Yes, DUMB is the best descriptor of his intellect and his mental state. Heaven help us and the world.

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