Hagedorn Hype : “Lends” his support to Trump reducing RFS to below Obama levels

The phrase “Trust but verify” was appropriate in 1987 warned Ronald Reagan after the signing of the INF Treaty with Mikhail Gorbachev …. today, the new phrase is Never trust Trump, Always verify” … and that needs to apply to his sycophants also.

Hence read Congressman Jim Hagedorn’s press release “Hagedorn Lends Support to Renewable Fuels Standard Agreement” very carefully as the hype overshadows the facts.

What does “Lends Support” mean ?
What does “Agreement” mean ?

Congressman Hagedorn statement calls it a “win” for Minnesota farmers … never mentioning that the “agreement” is between the EPA and USDA … two agencies within the Trump Administration … thus something that represents an internal problem created by the Trump Administration.

The Trump announcement says “EPA will seek comment on actions to ensure that more than 15 billion gallons of conventional ethanol be blended into the nation’s fuel supply beginning in 2020”

“more than 15 billion” sounds like a big number … but in 2016, when Trump was elected, production was 15,413 … so he really isn’t promising anything.

Let us remember what candidate Trump said in 2016 “The EPA should ensure that biofuel blend levels match the statutory level set by Congress” … which sounds like there should not be any internal debate.

So what it the 2020 level that Congress set ?

30 billion gallons is the statutory level for 2020 … and the Trump Administration is setting its benchmark at half that ! And less than what was produced during the last year of the Obama Administration.

In 2016, candidate Trump promised “As president, I will encourage Congress to be cautious in attempting to charge and change any part of the RFS.”

Hmmm … so Congress must be “cautious”, what about the Trump Administration ?

In the most recent compliance year, EPA granted 31 small refinery exemptions … which shows clearly that the Trump Administration is favoring oil over farms. The Trump statement acknowledges the grants, yet does not state that that number will decrease (or increase). It doesn’t even state that it will terminate any of those waivers early.

The sad fact is that the Trump Administration has been ruinous for America’s farm families … yet too many will believe the hype and blindly vote for Congressman Hagedorn and President Trump again.