Too Much To Keep Up With

As the outline of what happened in 2016 comes into focus and what continues to happen now regarding our elections, I get a little annoyed with people that say I am just a Trump hater and that has clouded what I think.

I didn’t like W. I wasn’t fond of Reagan. And Poppy Bush was 4 years of toleration. But it was their policies that I hated. Not the person. Trump is different.

He is a flat out criminal.

Let’s review some of these crimes.

Obstruction: The Mueller report outlined 10 detailed instance of Trump attempts to obstruct the investigation.

-Trump asking James Comey to let Michael Flynn go.

-Trump’s reaction to the Russia investigation (going to DNI, CIA, and NSC to get them to publicly dispel any Trump connection)

-The firing of James Comey

-Efforts to oust Mueller via McGahn (Trump insinuated conflicts demanding removal).

-Efforts to curtail the Russian aspect of the investigation

-Attempts to block public from seeing evidence (June 9th meeting)

-Tried to get Sessions to take back control of the investigation

-Trump telling Don McGahn to deny that the president had wanted the special counsel removed

-Trump’s team asking Flynn for a “heads up” on information and commending Paul Manafort for not “flipping”

-The president’s changing behavior toward Michael Cohen (after confession of lying to Congress)


If you read the Mueller report, it is outlined pretty clearly that the President would be charged with these crimes if not for the Justice Dept guidelines which do not allow an indictment of a sitting President. Mueller clearly stated that the President could still be charged with crimes when he leaves office if the statute of limitation allows.

With all the chaos that has ensued since, this fact has conveniently faded into the background and Trump believes that he has “beaten” those charges.

Emoluments Clause

The only reason this has not been more of an issue is that no President ever attempted to violate it with such impunity as Trump has. He never divested his personal interests or used a Trust (as every other President has prior to him), and he continues to use his properties for a variety of activities at the expense of the taxpayers.

The most stunning example of this (and a very public one at that) is his decision to use Trump Doral as the site of next year’s G-7. That is a direct violation of taking foreign value contracts at his own direction. Now, he has since retreated on that self dealing contract, but the very public attempt to do it may be an impeachable matter on its own.

But even without that, he has his own Trump DC hotel taking foreign money on a daily basis as foreign dignitaries try to curry favor with this President by booking rooms at this hotel. Even though many of them do not bother to occupy them.

Contempt and Obstruction of Congress

Congress is a co-equal branch of government. They are also given the sole Constitutional duty of oversight of the executive branch. It is a requirement that documents and information must be turned over at the request of a Congressional Committee. Yes, executive privilege can be invoked, but only with a valid reason or for national security. Trump has issued a document stating that he simply won’t turn over any information for any reason. This is contempt of Congress’ Constitutional duty. It is a crime and most certainly will be an article of impeachment.

Requesting Foreign Help for Political Purposes

The reason the Zelinsky call has caused such a furor is that this is a blatant attempt to get a foreign government to give something of political value to Trump’s re-election effort. His own summary document (not a transcript) clearly outlines the requests. Prosecutors never get a clearer method of election interference than what Trump put forward for everyone to see.  Evidence from witnesses are corroborating this action and Trump seems to have compounded this action by coercing this information by threatening to withhold aid to Ukraine until he obtained it. This is a violation of US Law. It does not have to be proven – he provided the proof.


The investigation into Russia by Mueller could not find “sufficient evidence” to declare that the Trump campaign participated in the Russian efforts. It did not mean that evidence was not there, it was just difficult to prove without direct testimony of President Trump and the other cast of characters to compare it all too. The President refused to participate outside of some written questions which were essentially answered by his lawyers.

But conspiracy in Ukraine is a different matter. Evidence coming out of Giuliani’s situation and tracing much of back to Dimitri Firtash (a Russian Oligarch) indicates more than just a phone call to Zelinsky was involved. The case of characters has become sordid and mafia like. And Giuliani already stated that this was all done at the direction of the President.

All that is left for an article of impeachment is a few more of the details to come into focus.

Campaign Finance Violation in New York

Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer, is already in jail for this but the indictment stated that Cohen’s actions were at the behest of  “Individual One” – which has been stated to be Donald Trump. He directed the payment of hush money prior to the election to keep his trysts from becoming public knowledge.  Once again, events have overtaken this investigation and we are not being told what is transpiring in this regard. But clearly this is yet another crime to contend with.

Charity Fraud

Donald Trump established a charity which he claimed was giving large sums of money to other charitable entities. However, the State of NY investigated the workings of this charity and found that the money he obtained from donors was actually paying for many of his own obligations. It was fraud and forced the shutdown of this charity and a promise that Trump would never operate another one.

Inauguration Funding Activity

This is yet another investigation that has trouble breaking through the noise, but there seems to be indications that foreign governments were handing over money at a record pace and that Trump’s inaugural committee has still not made an accounting of all the money involved. The idea that nearly 3 years into his Presidency, we have not seen a balance sheet on the beginning of his Presidency is outrageous.

These are the things we are aware of – there could be much, much more. For instance, insider stock trading has some very suspicious actions that followed Trump announcements. Phone calls to foreign leaders could have many more “quid pro quos” involved, we don’t know because they hide the transcripts. We have no notes from several meetings with Putin.

His swampy cabinet is mostly stocked with acting secretaries because so many of them have resigned for self dealing and cronyism.

And that is just the criminal activity.

Like his Republican predecessors, his policies are horrible. Even worse than W., Poppy Bush, and Reagan. He is gutting the environment. Allows a skyrocketing deficit in a “good” economy. His trade actions are incoherent. His tweets are an abomination. He is insulting, petty, derogatory, rude, petulant, crude, and above all – a pathological liar.

It is not that I “hate” Trump. I despise him. I despise him as a person. I despise his contempt for the rule of law. And I despise the division he has caused with the American people.

Why is this man President? I will take a President Pence immediately. For the good of the country.

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