Hagedorn Hype : An Appeal to Women

Today, the official 2020 Election season starts … pitting Jim “Mr. Conservative” Hagedorn against the re-branded Jim “working-across-the-aisle delivering for Minnesota’s First District” Hagedorn.

Today, the House is scheduled to vote on H R 4405 The Women’s Business Centers Improvement Act of 2019 which Congressman Hagedorn is the lead Republican and authored by Kansas Third District Sharice Davids.

Congressman Hagedorn started his rebranding effort with a September 20th press release

“Millions of women own small businesses in the United States,” said Rep. Jim Hagedorn. “Entrepreneurship and the Women’s Business Center (WBC) program are essential for empowering women to become business owners. By increasing these services, we increase the ability to inspire and foster new generations of business leaders.”

Yep … Congressman Hagedorn, who many had thought would be concerned about the national debt and increasing government involvement in business, is advocating for increasing federal services.

Another press release has the costs

The Women’s Business Centers Improvement Act of 2019 includes critical improvements to the WBC program by lifting the cap on individual center grants to $300,000 allowing centers to expand their reach, establishing an accreditation program to raise the standards of excellence across centers, and increasing authorization levels to a record $31.5M, providing room for the program to grow in line with the explosive growth of America’s women entrepreneurs.

$300,000 grants totaling $31.5 million is a vast improvement … considering that the 1988 legislation set a cap at $150,000 and FY2019 funding was $18.5 million.

Funny thing is that Trump budgets have requested cuts of $1 and $2 million with his FY2019 budget request at $17.4 million yet Congressman Hagedorn is advocating more government spending.

Ironically, Congressman Hagedorn is not only advocating for women business but is also working with a female Democrat Congresswoman … quite a reversal from his “Mr. Conservative” blog posts when he described female elected Democrats as “undeserving bimbos in tennis shoes” and that President George W. Bush had nominated White House counsel Harriet Miers “to fill the bra of Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.”

Yep, quite an evolution … or maybe just a rebranding for the 2020 election campaign.

Yep, expect H R 4405 The Women’s Business Centers Improvement Act of 2019 to easily pass … it passed in committee on a voice vote.

After all, how many CongressMEN want to oppose women in small business ?

Yep, expect a self-promoting press release from Congressman Hagedorn.

But don’t be surprised when the requests to fund the Women’s Business Centers that Congressman Hagedorn votes NO … after all on June 26, he voted against funding it.

Yep, funding authorizations and actual appropriations are two different things … and one that Minnesota’s First District CongressMan can easily oppose since he will not be releasing a press release denouncing his own legislation.

That’s the reality … expect a lot of Hagedorn Hype over the next year twisting issues to present himself in the most favorable image … don’t be fooled … it’s just election branding.

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