He Broke The Law

It is amazing sometimes, how the pretzel like explanations of Trump actions get rationalized. Truly amazing.

This nation is a democracy because we adhere to the rule of law. It is sacrosanct; it is required; it is our line in the sand. But the loose discussions that surround this President’s actions are disturbing to say the least. The excuses are many and varied. And every single one of them is horseshit.

The one truth here is – Donald Trump broke the law.

It is not about ignorance (he knows exactly what he is doing). It is not about degree (the law has been broken, not bent).  It is not about Presidential perogatives (we keep saying it and it is still true, no one is above the law).

I cannot believe that any elected official that took the oath of office can condone this President. And it is not about just one thing. The entirety of his actions are obstructions to checks and balances. They are ALL abuses of power. They are intentional acts at deriving personal benefits from his office. It is all of that and more.

So, why is our most deliberative body, the Senate, so unwilling to do what is clearly right and just? Democrats are unified in reacting to the facts. Republicans are just as unified in denying the facts.

This cannot stand.

When it comes to Ukraine (if you need to focus on one thing), every witness that has testified (even Sondland now) sees a withholding of military aid in return for a personal request from the President. You can call it a quid pro quo if you want. I think that is a weak cop out phrase.  What it really comes down to is bribery and extortion. Yes, let’s use the proper description because this incident meets every definition of those terms.

Trump has been buying into this idea that Ukraine had something to do with meddling in the 2016 election ever since Paul Manafort (an actual Ukraine criminal) planted it in his head. It was a convenient narrative. It gave the Russians an out so that Trump could continue to give Putin what he wanted and when Rudy Giuliani took over the charade, it got a vague connection to Joe Biden to exploit.

The problem with this whole idea is that it was planted (via Manafort) by the Russian agent Konstantin Kolimnek. So Trump was duped.

But Trump took the matter and ran with it into the current time. Trying to force the new Ukrainian President, Zelinsky, to set up a public (important to be public) investigation into Barisma, Hunter Biden, and by proxy, Joe Biden.

Trump was breaking the law. He was extorting the Ukrainian President to pursue this investigation and withheld appropriated (by Congress) funds and weapons that would help Ukraine in its fight with Russia on its eastern border.

Let’s repeat – Trump was breaking the law with bribery and extortion and abuse of his office.

He was also breaking campaign finance law. Because he was making this about getting dirt on a potential 2020 opponent, he was asking for something of value from a foreign government. He was demanding that a foreign government give him something of value and that he wanted them to meddle in the next election on his behalf.

Repeat once more – Trump broke campaign finance law. (And by the way, not the first time – remember Individual 1 in the Michael Cohen case).

With all of that as the narrativve, the Republicans in the Senate are trying to minimize violations of the law. Not impeachable they say. A rationalization for the ages.

Trump is not making defense arguments. He is making political arguments. He knows that Republicans will be swallowed up in his quicksand of hell if they do not find a way to make his law breaking an OK thing in 2020.

If these were normal times, the right thing to do would be obvious. But these are not normal times. These are Constitutional crisis times. And Republicans are causing and enabling it.

Who knows where we go from here, but there is a clear fact forming…..

Trump broke the law.