Honoring Veterans and Reflecting on Our Commander in Chief

Today is Veteran’s Day, a day to celebrate and honor those American who have served in our military, who have defended our country and countries around the world, and who have sacrificed time with family and friends, and in too many cases, sacrificed their lives, to honor and respect our country. We owe them much thanks and respect.

And as we honor those who have served, I am a bit saddened to realize our current Commander In Chief, our President, has a long family history of refusing to serve his/their country. Ironically, it even dates back to his grandfather….so I guess there is a tradition in the Trump family to avoid military service.

Friedrich Trump Is Donald Trump’s grandfather. When he realized he was close to the age of compulsory military service in the Bavarian army, he emigrated to the United States. After making his money off of the gold miners and prostitutes in the Yukon, he returned to Germany to get married. When authorities discovered that he had emigrated when he was younger to avoid fulfilling his military service, he lost his Bavarian citizenship. He and his family were forced to return to the United States.
Donald followed in his grandfather’s tradition. He did make claims about being/knowing about the military because he went to a military school. He has argued that his time at the New York Military Academy should count for something. However, keep in mind he was there from the age of 13 to 18, so just time in middle school and high school. Ironically, his father sent him to the Military Academy “to straighten him out” because he was a bit of a problem child. While at school, he was removed from a position as a company commander and placed into a position on the administrative staff (Trump laughingly argues that he was “promoted”). but was actually transferred because of his ineffectiveness as a leader and manager. Sound familiar!

Even though he was active in high school in athletics, including playing football, he suddenly developed “bone spurs” in order to receive multiple deferments. The doctor who gave him the diagnosis was a friend of Donald’s uncle. The doctor’s daughter has said she knew that this diagnosis was given to Donald as a favor to his family…..and, pardon the expression, was “trumped up.” He used the “’bone spur” excuse to avoid the draft and refuse military service.

None in his family have ever served in the military. Not Erick, not Donald Jr., not Jared, not Ivanka, not Tiffany, not Melania.

So, let’s honor those who have served with dignity and great respect. And remember those who have refused to serve their country with a different feeling…..of sadness and remorse. Especially those who are charged with directing and caring for our military families