So Can The President Do Anything He or She Wants?

Somewhere in the future ether, there is something that a President will do that is impeachable. Somewhere. Somehow. Some way. But it is hard to imagine what that is watching Donald Trump.

During this week, we have heard impeccable testimony that refuted nearly every argument that searched for Trump’s innocence. All of those arguments fell away as the witnesses called were firm, truthful and resolute in their testimony. And it was all compelling and absolutely believable.

So we are on track for a very partisan judgment. Democrats will vote to impeach and remove. Republicans will vote against all of it. The facts will not matter.

So, if that is the case, what can we glean from all of this. What do we tell future presidents and our progeny?

That is the difficult thing about this. It would seem that a president can call up foreign leaders at any time and tell them he or she needs their support in OUR election. They can help this president willingly or, as we also learn, they can be extorted to help.

It would also seem that the entire government apparatus can be used to achieve personal goals. Install the right people in the right places and government becomes your tool for enrichment or electoral gain.

We have learned that a POTUS has special immunity. A POTUS can feel free to be above the law. A POTUS can put other people at legal risk, even though the POTUS can act with complete powers of immunity from any legal indictment.

We have learned that taxpayer appropriated money can be used as leverage for any president to use at his or her discretion. Whether it is electoral help or the promotion of business interests, it would seem to all be fair game.

We have learned that any POTUS can claim they are being transparent, yet hide their financial data. Hide their true foreign policy intentions. Have secret meetings with foreign leaders without documentation. And operate completely outside of normal diplomatic circles.

We have found out that a POTUS can achieve complete government and more importantly, total Party control without any questions from those being controlled. Using government leverages and locking down key electoral positions allows for squashing internal party dissent.

In the Trump administration, in just 3 short years, we have found out how vulnerable this democratic system really is.

Although we have many patriotic Americans in the workings of government – state department; NSA; Defense Dept; – willing to put themselves on the line to do the right thing, the ability to take action still falls upon those who take the oath of office. And if they are not willing to abide by that oath, then those patriots are put at risk, and our democracy suffers. It is a fault line that we thought our leaders would not cross.

That is where we are. All of that is happening now. We are at a Constitutional crossroads. What do we say to the next generation of leadership? Do we say that government is meant to be exploited or is it meant to serve the needs of ALL of its citizens.

I’m not trying to be melodramatic. I’m looking at this pragmatically. Donald Trump is fundamentally changing our values. Yes, our values.

And not in a good way – unless we stop this. Soon.

And the answer to the title question, for now, is YES.

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