DDT: A Pesticide and A President

DDT ( Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) is a toxic pesticide used to kill many kinds of insects in agricultural settings. It was used for a variety of purposes, including controlling malaria and typhus during World War II. It was later discovered to have very harmful effects on humans, and its use greatly curtailed.

There is another pesticide that is operating today that has had some extreme effects on humans in the United States and around the world. It refers to a current political officer in the US……Disastrous Donald Trump…..or DDT. He has fulfilled all the early warnings of Republican officials prior to his election, such as Lindsey Graham, who called him a “kook” and “Crazy” and unfit to be president.. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell said Trump has “no sense of shame”, was “a national disgrace” and “an international pariah.” His actions have proven them to be correct.

Delusional Donald Trump (DDT) has been telling stories and saying things that simply aren’t true. Fact Check systems have revealed over 12000 untruths during his first three years in office. He has mischaracterized the economy, his election, and the statements of others throughout his time as president. He has claimed he has had the best economy in history (not true) and has had the best economic growth of any president (also not true). And recently he claimed he turned down the opportunity to be Time Magazine’s Person of the Year……which was blatantly false because the magazine editors said they do not reveal the winner until it is actually published.

Disastrous Donald Trump may go down as the worst president in modern history…and has even impeached. Hopefully his impact will only be felt by insects….and humans and Americans might just escape his toxic ways. There are two types of DDT……heaven help us!!!!

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