Practice What We Preach —A Christmas Message

It is nice that the President has sent a Christmas message that encourages national unity and developing “deeper understanding and respect..traits that exemplify the teachings of Christ.” It will be nice to see how these words are carried out in the new year, knowing that actions speak louder than words.”

Words have little meaning if they are not practiced in real actions in life. It will be nice to see how Trump demonstrates respect and understanding of his adversaries, both domestic and international. I’m sure that means he won’t insult people, call them names, or show disrespect for their office or their positions. Yes, being respectful is a good way to help create opportunities for “deeper understanding” and encourage dialogue between people of all persuasions.

Let’s hope the teachings of Christ can help to frame the kind and level of interactions between our political and religious leaders in the future. It will be a welcomed change from what we have seen before. Perhaps 2020 will lead to clearer vision and better, more respectful interactions between all people. That would be a great Christmas blessing.

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